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Michael Franti & Spearhead - I know I'm not alone (EU) - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2006-07-15 18:23:45

(I know I'm not alone - July 15, 2006)

I went to my local record store that day to order the new Yell Fire record but they told me that it will not be out before 21st July but they had already this single. Of course I bought it. "I know I'm not alone (Radio edit & album version)" is on this record and another blow up song "I've been away (Lighthouse Version)" which I already know from the live gigs. Great. Didn't know that there is this single out. Was never be promoted.


Little Axe @ Gruener Salon - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2006-06-10 01:34:56

Well, I was very excited about this gig. See Doug, Skip and Keith after 1 & 1/2 year again. I was calling at the venue Gruener Salon of Volksbuehne Berlin and they told that the gig will start later because of the beginning of the world championship in football and that Bernard Fowler (singer of Tack>>Head - at the moment on tour with Rolling Stones) would also join the gig. Wow. The whole Tach>>Head crew. I was writing some comments at the myspace sites of Tack>>Head, Little Axe and Doug Wimbish about this wonderful news.



Matisyahu @ Kalkscheune - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2006-05-19 21:56:13

It was really great and it was sold out. But from the first moment when I come into the venue Kalkscheune I knew that there was something strange according for security checks in Germany when a jewish artist performs. First at the entrance they were checkin the people for some weapons or bottles which could be thrown (this is ok). When I was coming inside I took something to drink and went in front of the stage. Around the stage they had build a security fence. So I already knew he will not making audience diving or something like that. There were some people I wouldn't expect in a reggae gig. Somekind of hype because it is an jewish artist but the rest of the audience fit to it. It should start at 9 pm but they let the audience wait more than an hour.



Damian Marley / Asian Dub Foundation Sound System - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2006-03-19 18:05:10

Yeah, on Friday night I saw Damian Marley, it was the same venue where Spearhead played the last time when they visited Berlin (Kulturbrauerei / Kesselhaus). In conclusion to the discussion why black people are missing at Spearhead, Parliament gigs I think there were a lot of black people (maybe more than 10%). I saw Papa Pretty very short at the beginnig of the show no time to talk with him more detailed. The Marley gig was totally sold out. It was ok but I was not really enthustiastic about the gig like I always be after a Spearhead gig.



One step closer ... a Family affair - Geel(BEL)




Posted: 2005-08-16 23:52:04

(Juiceman, Johan and me @013 Tilburg)

Well this weekend in Netherlands and Belgium was so amazing - even now two days later I don't know where to begin. For the first time in my exspearience I learned to know wonderful spearits, almost all members of the Spearhead band and the crew and ...

But lets start from the beginning. I arrived Tilburg by train at 6 pm and Juiceman, Anna and Lies took me from there with their car to a parkhouse near the venue 013. Well Juiceman excused himself for that fishy stinkin inside his car. He was transporting fish for barbeque at his cafe - Bacchus Café Geel. We went to a cafe just around the corner of the venue for some drink, only sitting there 5 min and we saw Michael together with a woman walking along the street. They had a little talk with us and the woman was introduced as Carla(?) - Web designer for SpearheadVibrations. Juiceman asked Michael if he could come to the Bacchus Cafe for some songs in between the festival gigs and well Michael found it a good idea but didn't know if the festivals schedule allowed this extra event. Anyway - it was 7:30 pm and we were going to the entrance of 013 expecting a wonderful show of Spearhead at 013.



Michael Franti & Spearhead @ Lokerse Feesten - Lokeren(BEL)




Posted: 2005-08-16 22:35:16

(Lokerse Feesten - thanks Johan for the pics)

The festival began with Gabriel Rios - never heard of him before. Lies told me that he is very popular in Belgium. Well - it was nice music too dance and good to getting warmer on this cold day. The band was really making good latin dancing pop music, makes me feel good. Very impressive was also the guitar player, wearing a white suit like a spanish torero. I told Juiceman Rios sounds like the Belgian Latin version of Robin Williams - and this is a big compliment in my opinion. Respect. I didn't see the end of his show because I felt suddenly very bad with my stomach. The only thing I could imagine was - how to get out as fast as I can but there were so many people that first I lost my way. After I was out of the festival area everything was coming out of my mouth and I needed more than half'n hour to get back with the assistance of Tom who showed me the right way back. Thanks.

After drinking a coffee and some water I felt much more better. So now I was ready for the begining of the Spearhead gig. The second band was already playing for a while so I did not really get the feeling for this music. When they stopped playing we were going as near as we could in front of the stage. It was much more warmer there because the people were standing closer to each other. So we were just 5m from stage at the right side I was dancing there together with Juiceman, Lies, Jan, Tom and all these other freaky people of Belgium. Well they started with Jam Rock - just like yesterday. They were playing all that lovely songs - everyone in Belgium seems to know the chorus. Stay Human, Everyone deserves music, Yell Fire, We don't stop, Bomb the world, Rock the nation (they didn't play it yesterday), Never too late. In between the songs we just saw Gert and Johan backstage behind some big loudspeakers at Carl's side. They had a lot of fun and were also taking pictures of us. There were two slow songs. "One step closer to you" in memory for Marla Ruzicka and "Tolerance" together with the video. I couldn't expected that it would fit to such a big festival audience, but it works. Never too late should be the last song as the festival schedule was over. No one could believe it. Then a young man was coming out tried to tell the people all the sponsors of the festival. Well, he just stopped it after some seconds because the audience was taking him over and Spearhead was coming back playing the Cleanup man. Then it was definitly over and I felt great and happy.

Back to the Family affair


Michael Franti & Spearhead @ 013 - Tilburg(NED)




Posted: 2005-08-16 18:05:01

(Poster for Tilburg/HOL 2005)

After coming in we were waiting at the part where you could order shirts and cds. I saw Caroline coming in - remembered her from the Picture postings of the message board. I said hello to her but she seemed to be nervous expecting her first exspearience. Well - Johan already wrote almost all about this gig - so read Johan's review, be sure I feel the same. In contrast to all the other shows I were before, I decided not to take any picture or to write down the setlist. I knew that Johan was taking care for this so I just enjoyed the show :-))). Here is also the link for Johan's pictures. Juiceman, Anna, Lies, Johan, Gert, I and some other friends were standing on the right side near the sound system so we should have the best sound and view to the stage. In addition to Johan I can say that I also liked the music of K-OS. Reminds me of N-Factor (German HipHop from the early 90th). The rap-parts of the singer were sometimes a little bit to monotone but anyway they were good. According to the setlist we saw on the sound amplifiers it should be a short gig but it was one of the best I saw. I think they are becoming more and more professional - could be a reason of playing at all these festivals but I feel not sorry about this. It was getting really silent at the song "Tolerance" when they were also showing pictures of the documentary film I know I'm not alone. Very emotionally. After two hours it ended with Never too late and the Cleanup man, I already know from other Live records just some weeks ago.

Here are some pics from Johan's site

Back to the Family affair


Michael Franti - Love Kamikaze: The Lost Sex Singles (AUS) - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2005-05-12 19:29:52

(Love Kamikaze: The Lost Sex Singles - 2005)

Due to the fact that this record is only an Australian release I ordered it Wed Apr 20, 2005. I got my Love Kamikaze package 3 weeks later and I love it from the first moment. The first sequences of the song Love Kamikaze sounds like a mixture of Matt Bianco (Half a minute) and Phil Carmen (On my way to LA). Love me unique sounds like one song of CSH (Keep me lifted/Food for the masses). What happens next is my favorite. I know this song for some years but I can't remember where I heard it first. There is a live video with that song (Spearhead 2-16-2003, Miner's Foundry, Nevada City, CA). There are some Stay Human remixes (Stay Human, Every single soul) - well, the original relaeses I like more and one outtake (I wish that I could be you) - also one of my favorites. Keepin' it natural and Come and mess with me might be good lyrics but too much violines in my opinion. From the new songs Spearhead was playing live the last months I only know One Minute's All I Need (Big Bass Mix). Conclusion: Most of the songs I like. So my motto is: "It's worth not only to get it in Perth. Don't understand why it is only accessable in AUS. Love Kamikaze should be for the whole world."


Other great gigs - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2005-05-11 01:55:43

Maceo Parker @Traenenpalast/Berlin - 2004-10-16
Jungle Funk @Traenenpalast/Berlin - 2005-03-29
Little Axe @Postbahnhof/Berlin - 2005-05-10






Posted: 2004-12-14 21:13:12

(northseajazz HEATS THE HAGUE)

This was my first Spearhead-gig this year and I was very excited to go there. I left Berlin early in the mornig and travelled relaxed by train to Amsterdam/Haarlem be escorted by big showers of rain the whole day. At 8 pm Bauke and I were leaving Haarlem and we arrived Den Haag 1/2 hour later. So we had enough time to drink something at the many street cafe's around the Plein listening to Jaco Pastorious Big Band and hoping that the rain would stop until the Spearhead gig started. In the meantime more and more people were coming so we didn't see that the place before the stage was already full and we could not go there. So we had a place on the right side maybe 15 m from the stage. From the first moment Michael asked us people "How do you feeliiiin" until the last song it was a jumping, waving and singing mass of people with so much love to give. At the end of the show Michael was taking the bath with the masses, hugging all the people who wanted and it became more and more people. Thank you again Netherlands. For Bauke it was his first exSpearience and he liked it very much. So he will never miss a Spearhead-gig in and around Amsterdam the next time.

I took some pictures (was not the best camera) and was writing down the setlist (Read more in the reviews). Check it out.



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