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Boulder Weekly - Steve Hackett carries on
They say that a band can best secure its legacy by knowing when it's time to go out, even if most of the people saying that aren't actually in a band and have day jobs and have something worthwhile to do the next day, while their freshly retired musician idols may not. The final curtain ...





Talkhouse - Mark Stewart (The Pop Group) and Algiers Talk Post-Punk, Past, Present and Future
A discussion of the history and evolution of the label, and more.





LouderSound - Rudolf Schenker: 'Scorpions soundtracked the most peaceful revolution on Earth'
Scorpions guitarist Rudolf Schenker on partying with rock'n'roll royalty, surviving grunge and making rock history





Ultimate-Guitar - Tony Levin Explains How Peter Gabriel Helped Him Invent New Technique, Reveals What Made Him a Better Bass Player
'One of the great things about music is when you have the chance to be with players who were kind of at a level above you.'





The Aquarian - Genesis Takes Flight Again... With Steve Hackett Flying the Plane
Steve Hackett left English prog-rockers Genesis in 1977 - if you only know them from the 1980s onward, start digging - and has released an astounding 27 solo albums since his departure that include rock, classical, and blues-centric discs.





519 Magazine - Ian Anderson Talks About First Jethro Tull Album in 19 Years
Ian Anderson has never stopped touring or recording music and continues to play the music of Jethro Tull, but for the past 20 years it has been under his solo name. The Zealot Gene ...





Rolling Stone - Bernard Fowler on His Years With the Rolling Stones, Herbie Hancock, and Michael Hutchence
The backup singer has performed more than 800 gigs with the Rolling Stones. 'There are still people that would chop their right hand off to have that gig', he says.





Savannah Morning News - Mother's Finest brings funk rock sound to Plant Riverside's District Live on March 24
The band will be performing at District Live in the Plant Riverside District in Savannah, Georgia, on March 24.





The New School Free Press - George Clinton, the Godfather of Funk, talks about returning home to Newark
It's been a milestone year for George Clinton. In 2021, the Godfather of Funk celebrated his 80th birthday and 50 years since the release of Funkadelic's seminal masterpiece, 'Maggot Brain'. The progenitor of all things funky returned to the stage for a select number of dates across the country and ventured into the world of...





The New School Free Press - Steve Hackett, former Genesis guitarist who pioneered finger-tapping, talks about his upcoming Seconds Out Tour
Steve Hackett is indubitably one of the most influential guitar players of our time. Drawing inspiration from jazz, rock, blues and classical music, Hackett's unique approach to playing guitar helped the legendary rock band Genesis stand apart from their peers in the 1970's. Hackett is often credited with pioneering a guitar playing technique known as...





Far Out Magazine - Far Out Meets: Jah Wobble, discussing new music, politics and the history of punk
An interview with the iconic bassist of Public Image Ltd.





The Hans India - Bangash Bros raise voice against child abuse
Amaan Ali Bangash and Ayaan Ali Bangash speaks about their Third EP - 'We For Love'





Sonic Perspectives - STEVE ROTHERY on MARILLION's New Album 'An Hour Before It's Dark': 'The Lyrics at Times Can Be Dark, But There's an Incredible Joy in the Music'
With 43 years of music under their belts and a demanding yet extremely dedicated fan base, MARILLION's approach to making music remains fresh to this day. Granted, the pandemic made their writing process a little bit more complicated than usual, but they came out of it with yet another incredible offering





The Echo - Interview with Liam Finn from Crowded House
CROWDED HOUSE A family day out at Bluesfest Formed in Melbourne in 1985, out of the ashes of New Zealand's Split Enz, by Neil Finn, Paul Hester and Nick Seymour, Crowded House's eponymous debut album went on to global success with the hits Don't Dream It's Over and Something So Strong. Those songs, and many that [...]





The New York Times - George Clinton on Painting, P-Funk and His Artistic Legacy
The artist's influence is indisputably far-reaching. When asked about his own inspirations, he cites Lauren Halsey, as well as Fab Five Freddy and ancient Egypt.





Rock Cellar Magazine - I'm Still Standing: Ian Anderson on Jethro Tull's Return, Spinal Tap Moments & Music That Makes Him Want to 'Wreak Havoc and Mayhem'
Jethro Tull main man Ian Anderson traces his history as a flautist, getting a bucket of urine dumped on his head at a gig, the new Tull album and more.





HipHop-N-More - Kid Capri on 1st New Album in 25 Years, Narrating Kendrick's 'DAMN' & More (Interview)
Kid Capri is a name that holds as true as the hip hop culture as a whole. Being one of the most respected DJs in the genre, he has been serving hip hop since before a lot of us were born, even producing songs for names like Jay-Z, 50 Cent,...





Far Out Magazine - Childish jokes amid serious issues: Jah Wobble remembers Sid Vicious
Far Out interview Jah Wobble.





Ultimate Classic Rock - Ian Anderson Knows Why Gentle Giant Never Broke Out: Exclusive Interview
Ian Anderson joined UCR to discuss why Gentle Giant never became more famous in a January 2022 interview.





Ultimate-Guitar - Don Airey Describes What Randy Rhoads Was Like on His Last Tour, Talks How Rhoads' Death Affected Him
'I don't think he was a very happy guy towards the end. He wasn't happy with the way things were going'.





New Jersey Monthly - Funk Pioneer George Clinton Reflects on Newark Days
Before ushering in a crucial chapter of funk's history, the founder of Parliament and Funkadelic did hair at Newark's star-studded Supreme barbershop.





uDiscover Music - Elvis Costello Shares Stories Behind 'The Boy Named If' On 'World Cafe'
Elvis Costello visited NPR's 'World Cafe' to share the stories behind his latest LP with The Impostors, 'The Boy Named If (And Another Children's Stories).'





Guitar World - Mike Rutherford: 'The Strat can be anybody: It covers all kinds of moods. Other guitars like Gibsons have a sort of one-sound thing, I think'
The Genesis guitarist and bassist talks the gear that's powered the band's sound over the years – including a lowly 120Pound Strat – and reflects on touring for what may be the final time





American Songwriter - Fishbone's Chris Dowd Talks the Band's Legendary History
For Chris Dowd, songwriter and keys player for the genre-defying musical group Fishbone, a band is like an artistic movement. Like a painter who unveils a new style that legions imitate (read: Picasso and Cubism), a band can usher in a new sound that changes the proverbial angle upon which the world's axis spins. And ...





Attitude - Adam Lambert on his new musical, 'concept album' and the future of Queen
The trailblazing star speaks to Boy George about gender fluidity and sexual diversity in the Attitude February issue.



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