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Total Guitar Magazine - Brian May goes deep on Bohemian Rhapsody: the gear, the solo and the magic of Freddie Mercury's finest hour
In a Total Guitar exclusive, the Queen guitarist reflects on BoRhap's legacy and how its orchestral majesty came together





American Songwriter - Emmy Award-Winning Songwriter Maggie Rose Joins Michael Franti's 'Stay Human' Podcast
Emmy award-winning songwriter and Nashville-based artist, Maggie Rose joins Michael Franti on his Stay Human podcast for a discussion on the pandemic, songwriting, creative processes, growing up in the church and more.





Pollstar - Ain't Nobody Better: Chaka Khan From Rufus To Prince To Transcending The Hall of Fame
Chaka Khan is a treasure. Just witness her new Rhino re-release celebrating Black History Month which is filled with gold, i.e. classic, undeniable jams like 'I'm Every Woman', 'Tell Me Something Good', 'Ain't Nobody' and 'I Feel For You' that are an inextricable part of the American music canon. And her live career, spanning some five decades, is equally impressive, ...





Entertainment Tonight - Chaka Khan Reflects on Her Career Longevity and Recording Some of Her Biggest Hits (Exclusive)
The Queen of Funk opens up to ET as she prepares to re-release her greatest hits album.





Music Talkers - Interview: Philippe Cohen Solal talks new album, Henry Darger & Inspirations
Philippe Cohen, the million-selling artist, producer and composer who co-founded Gotan Project has teamed up with Mike Lindsay from band Tunng to release the album 'OUTSIDER'.





REVOLT - Chaka Khan celebrates Black history and Black music all year long
In honor of Black History Month, REVOLT caught up with the legendary Chaka Khan to discuss her thoughts on Black music, pioneers she looked up to, her legacy, why she loves Jazmine Sullivan and much more!





American Songwriter - Selema Masekela Shares His Philosophy on Relentless Curiosity on Michael Franti's Stay Human Podcast
Selema Masekela, the Emmy-nominated producer, journalist and face of ESPN's X-Games, joins the Stay Human Podcast with Michael Franti for a conversation





MetalCastle - Steve Hackett Reveals How Genesis Changed When Peter Gabriel Left The Band
Classic Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett opened up about how Genesis changed when the band's legend Peter Gabriel left the band.





Audio Ink Radio - Steve Hackett of Genesis, Interview: 'Under A Mediterranean Sky'
Steve Hackett of Genesis joins Anne Erickson to discuss his new album, 'Under A Mediterranean Sky', and the Genesis legacy in this extensive interview.





Relix - Bootsy Collins on James Brown, George Clinton and the Power of the One
''On the one' is a musical term I learned from James Brown. He wanted me to play on the one, to emphasize that first beat of every measure', Bootsy Collins recalls, tracing the origins of the concept that informs his new studio record, The Power of the One.





Talkhouse - Bootsy Collins Talks with Mix Master Mike on the Talkhouse Podcast
The funk legend connects with the Beastie Boys' turntable maestro for a wide-ranging chat.





Forbes - Sunday Conversation: Bootsy Collins On Finding The Balance Between James Brown And George Clinton
From playing bass with James Brown and George Clinton to solo star, Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer Bootsy Collins has lived an incredible life in music. I spoke with him about that life and his new album, 'The Power Of The One'.





Rolling Stone - Chuck D on Public Enemy's New Album and the Legacy of 'Nation of Millions'
The hip-hop pioneer also talks about reuniting the Beastie Boys and Run-DMC on Public Enemy's excellent new album





FOX 11 Los Angeles - Soulrocker Michael Franti takes on 2020 with a virtual New Year's Eve Concert from Bali & the Burning of the 2020 sculpture
Soulrocker, humanitarian and musician Michael Franti lives his life in front of an audience, so how is he coping in quarantine now that he and his wife and son are stuck at his yoga retreat in Bali? Michael says he's using the down time to create new music and bond with his family and his fans online. Franti talks about his virtual New Year's Eve Concert & the burning of his 2020 sculpture.





Forbes - Q&A: Ice-T On Always Being Real, James Brown, Ozzy Osbourne, Body Count's Grammy Nomination And More
Ice-T has his second Grammy nomination with Body Count. I spoke to the actor/musician about the nod and the heroes he learned to always keep it real from.





Interview Magazine - 'I Don't Ever Want to Grow Up': Bootsy Collins and Matt Berninger on Freedom and Legacy
The musicians and Cincinnatians discuss Ohio, the legacy of James Brown, and the freedom in learning from others.





British GQ - Ozzy Osbourne: 'If I'd have gone to church I'd still be there now, confessing all my sins!'
It's been 50 years since Black Sabbath took metal to the masses and, today, with his new album and a world tour-in-waiting, their frontman is still far from ready to retire his solo career. Featuring tales from the abattoir, the time he accidentally drugged his parish priest and the only thing he ever regretted, rock's Prince Of Darkness turns to page one of the anecdote book and takes it from there...





Express - Freddie Mercury was 'challenging but wonderful' says Brian May in new interview
FREDDIE MERCURY was 'challenging and unpredictable - but also wonderful', says Queen bandmate Brian May in a new interview this week. He also reveals that Freddie wasn't a perfect singer at the start.





Steve Hackett Speaks on Why He Left Genesis, Shares Opinion on Peter Gabriel Leaving & Phil Collins Taking Over
The guitarist also discusses introducing tapping to rock as early as 1971.





BLABBERMOUTH - OZZY OSBOURNE: 'I've Been Closer To TONY IOMMI In The Last 18 Months Than I Ever Have Been'
During a new one-hour special celebrating 40 years of Ozzy Osbourne's debut solo album, 'Blizzard Of Ozz', Ozzy spoke to host Matt Pinfield about the third track off the LP, 'Goodbye To Romance', which was written ...





Ultimate-Guitar - Steve Hackett Recalls 'Disagreements' & 'Fight to Death' in Genesis, Talks Personal Pink Floyd Connection
The guitarist also remembers how Peter Gabriel approached him about joining the band.





EW - Bootsy Collins teaches EW about new album 'The Power of the One'
The Power of the One is the title of the new album by James Brown bassist-turned-Parliament mainstay-turned-solo funk superstar Bootsy Collins. It is also the name of his personal philosophy, one which he believes we should all pursue in these divisive times.





Express - Thin Lizzy's Scott Gorham on how The Boys Are Back In Town's success SURPRISED Phil Lynott / Phil Lynott death 'Asking for help was sign of weakness for him' Thin Lizzy's Scott Gorham
THIN LIZZY guitarist Scott Gorham has shared how The Boys Are Back In Town's success was a huge surprise to the band and especially the late Phil Lynott. / PHIL LYNOTT died at just 36-years-old after his last few years were badly affected by drug and alcohol dependency. In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham has shared the last time he saw the star.





GRAMMY - Bootsy Collins: 'I'm Hoping The World Comes Together Like We Did On This Album'
We caught up with the GRAMMY-winning legend to learn more about his new album, The Power of the One, and its talented collaborators, mentoring younger artists and more.





NPR - Devon Gilfillian Re-Records Marvin Gaye's 1971 album 'What's Going On'
Nashville-based artist Devon Gilfillian talks about why he wanted to re-record What's Going On from start to finish.



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