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DRUM! Magazine - Sheila E: Drawing Inspiration from the Chaos of Current Events
She's been an integral part of superstar bands, forged her own path as a successful solo artist and songwriter, and handled more genres than a backline kit in a busy L.A. nightclub.





Rolling Stone - Jack White on the Raconteurs' Return, 'Old Town Road' and His Friendship With Dylan
He also reveals what it's like to listen to old White Stripes live recordings, and why he's cool with the Black Keys





A Journal of Musical Things - I had some questions for Peter Gabriel. Then he wrote back.
The 61-year-old drum god is fuelled by family, community and the active choice to pick love over hate.





Tennessean - Interview: The Black Keys on 'Let 's Rock ', death row and making friends with Jack White
When it came time for The Black Keys to finally make a new album, all Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney did was set a date and show up. Last September, the two halves of the bluesy rock duo started meeting at Auerbach 's Nashville recording studio, with the goal to work up new songs from scratch. And they didn't have to wait long for inspiration to strike.





TNT Magazine - Interview: Rob Garza, Thievery Corporation
How many highly successful musical artists do you know that have thrived for 20 years without a radio hit, a big budget video, or major label backing? Moreover, have managed to do high-profile TV appearances, own and operate their own independent label since day one, sell several million albums and continue to expand their fan base across the globe each year.





HotNewHipHop - Chaka Khan Calls Kanye's 'Through The Wire' Stupid, Didn't Like Sample
She didn't hold anything back. With a career that spans nearly 50 years, Chaka Khan is a legend. Her songs are classics that have been covered by some of the greats and she's worked with just about every music icon in her generation that one can think of. The 66-year-old singer is still taking to stage ...





Esquire - Why Jack White and Brendan Benson Refuse Negativity-And Trump's Name-On the Raconteurs' New Album
The musicians discuss the state of rock and getting political on their new album Help Us Stranger.





New York Post - Sheila E. still drumming up new music and hot collabs
Sheila E. might be known for 'The Glamorous Life', but the star percussionist and singer has battled her share of setbacks - including physical injuries. 'Last tour, I sprained my ankle and messed up my Achilles as well a year and a half ago, ...'





Premier Guitar - The Raconteurs' Jack White and Brendan Benson
The songwriting foils discuss the mini odysseys on their third album together, 'Help Us Stranger', where they take turns in the driver's seat and play 6-string in tandem.





The Philadelphia Inquirer - One last time with Dr. Funkenstein: George Clinton looks back on a half-century of P-Funk
George Clinton has one more tour in him. The Parliament-Funkadelic mastermind, the genius bandleader and Afro-Futurist conceptualist also known as Dr. Funkenstein, is now 77. The two collectives that Clinton dually led - the psychedelic rock Funkadelic and otherworldy funkateers Parliament - were at their zenith of popularity in the 1970s.





New York Post - Funk master George Clinton's retirement plans: A trip to space
But first he'll hit Central Park Summerstage for the 'One Nation Under a Groove' farewell tour on Tuesday.





The Vinyl Factory - Making Rainford: In conversation with Lee 'Scratch' Perry and Adrian Sherwood
The latest release in a long-standing relationship between the great dub astronaut and On-U Sound founder Adrian Sherwood, Rainford is Lee 'Scratch' Perry's most sophisticated, personal and politically prescient album in years. David Katz met them both to hear about its creation.





Cincinnati - George Clinton says farewell to Cincinnati with Parliament-Funkadelic
George Clinton's connection to Cincinnati runs through musicians such as trumpeter Clayton 'Chicken' Gunnells, guitarist Phelps 'Catfish' Collins and, of course, Catfish's brother, William 'Bootsy' Collins, players who made their name here playing with James Brown, as the Godfather of Soul cut hits at King Records in Evanston.





NME - Cedric Bixler-Zavala says The Mars Volta reunion is 'happening'
Cedric Bixler-Zavala has revealed that The Mars Volta are reuniting, this after the band split up back in 2013.





ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY - Giving Up the Funk: George Clinton says goodbye to the road
The Funk has left the building. Well, technically, the Funk has only retired to a room adjacent to the stage...





Kerrang! - Ozzy Osbourne: 'It's Like A Heavyweight Fight Every Night For Me, I Want To Go Out And Knock The Crowd Out'
Ozzy Osbourne on England, Randy Rhoads, Black Sabbath and much more





HUNGER TV - Adam Lambert talks working with Queen and the making of his all new album, 'Velvet'
We meet the game changing star as he releases brand new music and sets off on a new path...





The List - How WOMAD built a global community around its festival
WOMAD Festival Director explains how their community has grown and evolved over nearly four decades





Flaunt Magazine - George Clinton | We Have Returned to Claim the Pyramids
Lauren Halsey and Dr. Funkenstein walk into a bar ...





Rolling Stone - Rolling Stones Backup Singer Bernard Fowler on the Poetry of Mick Jagger
Fowler explains how the Last Poets, Gil Scott-Heron and a thumbs-up from Mick inspired 'Inside Out', his new album of spoken-word Stones interpretations





Mpls.St.Paul Magazine - Q&A: The New Power Generation's Morris Hayes
The longest serving music director for Prince reflects on the Purple One's enigmatic life, and how his legacy lives on.





Express - Bohemian Rhapsody icon Brian May talks life after death as he reflects on Freddie Mercury
BRIAN MAY spoke candidly about the ongoing presence of Freddie Mercury and his own beliefs on life after death in a fascinating past interview.





Music Feeds - Jack White: 'We're At A Point In Time Where It Seems Like There's Not That Many Rock & Roll Bands Out There'
Ahead of The Saboteurs' debut Australian tour, we chat to Jack White about songwriting, Third Man Records, his own musical legacy and making the rock & roll record he would like to hear right now.





Vents Magazine - INTERVIEW: Hip Hop Duo Beach Lion
Beach Lion talking about the influence of and work with KRS-One ...





The Voice - How spirituality helped KRS-One transform his life
The hip-hop legend speaks to The Voice



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