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HUNGER TV - Adam Lambert talks working with Queen and the making of his all new album, 'Velvet'
We meet the game changing star as he releases brand new music and sets off on a new path...





The List - How WOMAD built a global community around its festival
WOMAD Festival Director explains how their community has grown and evolved over nearly four decades





Flaunt Magazine - George Clinton | We Have Returned to Claim the Pyramids
Lauren Halsey and Dr. Funkenstein walk into a bar ...





Rolling Stone - Rolling Stones Backup Singer Bernard Fowler on the Poetry of Mick Jagger
Fowler explains how the Last Poets, Gil Scott-Heron and a thumbs-up from Mick inspired 'Inside Out', his new album of spoken-word Stones interpretations





Mpls.St.Paul Magazine - Q&A: The New Power Generation's Morris Hayes
The longest serving music director for Prince reflects on the Purple One's enigmatic life, and how his legacy lives on.





Express - Bohemian Rhapsody icon Brian May talks life after death as he reflects on Freddie Mercury
BRIAN MAY spoke candidly about the ongoing presence of Freddie Mercury and his own beliefs on life after death in a fascinating past interview.





Music Feeds - Jack White: 'We're At A Point In Time Where It Seems Like There's Not That Many Rock & Roll Bands Out There'
Ahead of The Saboteurs' debut Australian tour, we chat to Jack White about songwriting, Third Man Records, his own musical legacy and making the rock & roll record he would like to hear right now.





Vents Magazine - INTERVIEW: Hip Hop Duo Beach Lion
Beach Lion talking about the influence of and work with KRS-One ...





The Voice - How spirituality helped KRS-One transform his life
The hip-hop legend speaks to The Voice





Tone Deaf - Even after retirement, George Clinton will continue to reign as music's most vibrant voice
With George Clinton making his way to Australia for his very last time this month - to celebrate, we sat down with the legendary musician





Ambrosia for Heads - KRS-One Speaks About The Power Of Hip-Hop To Change The World (Video)
Few Rap legends seem to have as much to say, especially beyond their lyrics, as KRS-One. However, in recent years, Blastmasta KRS has seemingly stepped away from the media spotlight...





Metalhead Zone - Uli Jon Roth Explains How Social Media Changed Everything About Music World
Former Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth spoke in an interview with The Metal Voice from Canada, and shared his opinion on current state of music world. Interviewer asked about his thoughts on the music that is coming out today and if he follows any news bands, Roth responded ...





Rolling Stone India - Midival Punditz Talk New Album, 10 Years of 'Hello Hello'
Producer duo Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj recently worked on 'Train Song' for Bollywood film 'Gully Boy'





Guitarworld - Steve Hackett Talks Favorite Genesis Moments, Joe Bonamassa and New Album, 'At the Edge of Light'
He was two-hand tapping long before it became 'the thing to do', was a member of Genesis, GTR with Steve Howe and has been releasing great solo albums for over 40 years. But what GW readers really wanna know is...





UltimateGuitar - Genesis' Steve Hackett: 'We're at a Very Dark Time in Europe Right Now'
'It seems that politicians over here seem to be determined to bring about the economic collapse of the UK', the guitarist says while discussing the lyrical themes of his latest album.





MusicRadar - Geezer Butler: 'Drugs never made me play better. I'd think so at the time - then when listening to it back sober, I'd have to redo everything'
Five decades since forming Black Sabbath, Geezer Butler reflects on a legacy like no other





Daily Mail Online - Former Genesis star Steve Hackett, 69, answers our health quiz
The veteran performer, from London, keeps fit by scaling the stairs in his home, is virtually teetotal and is an ex-smoker. But he does enjoy fast food on the road...





The New York Times - Chaka Khan on Artistic Freedom, Her Side Hustles and Joni Mitchell
The singer's first album in 12 years, 'Hello Happiness', marks the beginning of yet another era for the Queen of Funk: 'I can still drop it like it's hot onstage'.





Buzzsprout - Soulful Conversations With Ash Grunwald: John Butler Episode 2
Welcome back to Soulful Conversations with Ash Grunwald. This is part two of my interview with the amazing John Butler, and this was a hell of a lot of fun. And I found John to be a beautiful human being. He really is very honest and very generous...





StyleBlueprint - Bringing Hope & Healing to Nashville: Meet Sandy Howard of Do It For The Love
She comes by her music connection honestly. Meet Sandy Howard (her brother is country megastar Tim McGraw), and find out how she's making dreams come true in Nashville and beyond.





DRUM! Magazine - Drumming Life Explained: 9 Questions With Daru Jones
If I started listing all the people Daru Jones has played with in the last 20 years we'd be here until the internet freezes over. It's a big list drawn from the worlds of pop gigs, are ...





The Guardian - Pop, Prince and Black Panthers: the glorious life of Chaka Khan
The self-described 'alpha chick' has weathered addiction, dodgy managers and the death of Prince to remain as funky as ever. She describes how she went from gun-toting activist to teetotal vegan





Pollstar - A Conversation With George Clinton
When George Clinton takes the stage - any stage - his goal is to 'blow them outta here'. And he did just that in his Pollstar Live! interview with Pollstar executive editor Andy Gensler in front of a jammed International Ballroom on Pollstar Live!'s opening day.





Rolling Stone - George Clinton Reflects on Five Decades of Funk, Retiring From Touring
Ahead of Parliament-Funkadelic's One Nation Under a Groove Tour, the Funkmaster General looks ahead and remembers his wildest concerts





AlternativeNation - Ozzy Osbourne Called Out For Being Lazy In Studio: 'He Hung Up The Phone'
Black Sabbath singer criticized for surprising album.



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