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Ultimate-Guitar - Classic Genesis Guitarist Steve Hackett: Muse Is a Band That's Progressive in Spirit
'One minute they might do something that sounds a little bit like Prince, and then the next they wander off into a piece of Chopin', Hackett says.





Premier Guitar - John Butler's Odyssey Leads to 'Home'
The Australian folk-rock fingerstylist leads his acoustic muse into electronic music and hip-hop for his trio's new album but won't give up his custom 11-string guitar or his organic approach to songwriting.





Metalhead Zone - Steve Vai Praises Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and Queen's Brian May
Speaking to Jonesy's Jukebox, legendary guitar virtuozo Steve Vai has revealed his biggest influence as a guitarist. Interview said 'who was your big influence'





openDemocracy - Why Peter Gabriel questioned his faith in the internet
Singer, songwriter and humanitarian activist Peter Gabriel on becoming skeptical of an unregulated internet.





Happy - George Clinton chats counterfeit money, smoking crack, and touring with Iggy Pop
The Mothership travelled through space for centuries before it landed on earth. From it, emerged one of the most formidable forces in modern music: George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic ...





Orange County Register - New Year's Eve 2019: Ozzy Osbourne reflects on life, drugs and music ahead of ringing in the New Year with Ozzfest at The Forum
The New Year's Eve edition of Ozzfest will also feature performances by Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Zakk Sabbath and more.





The San Francisco Examiner - John Butler returns to country life
Australian folk-rocker John Butler has never heard Thomas Wolfe's quote with far-reaching implications, 'You can't go home again' ...





Spotlight Report - Interview: Corey Glover of Living Colour Talks Oz Tour
We were lucky enough to have the chance to catch up with Corey Glover, the guitarist and singer of the world renowned American rock band, Living Colour ...





KEXP - George Clinton Reflects on Impending Retirement, His Longtime Career, and Just Saying 'Funk It'
George Clinton has mastered the musical ecosystem. He knows how to adapt. He knows how to push the right buttons to send the right message. And he's a legend as a result. For the man who helped invent funk music ...





The Guardian - Flying Lotus: 'Kendrick Lamar absolutely deserves the key to the city'
Steven Ellison, otherwise known as Flying Lotus, on unearthing new talent, LA beat, 'difficult' Tyler, the Creator and ten years of Brainfeeder records





There aren't too many truly great rock bands that you could say were ground-breaking when they first emerged but New York's Living Colour was certainly one. With their unique brand of metal, funk, jazz, hip hop, punk and alt rock, mixed with a passionate social conscience, ...





Salon - Funk was the black answer to 'Star Wars': Take the trip with 'Tales From the Tour Bus'
Salon talks to producer and historian Nelson George about the rock radio 'apartheid' and why funk never got its due





The Times - Ozzy Osbourne interview: Black Sabbath, his battle with booze, life with Sharon - and why he loves M&S
Heroin. Alcohol. Cocaine. Quaaludes. Painkillers. Tranquillisers. Ozzy Osbourne has been addicted to them all. The one-time Prince of Darkness tells Ben Hoyle how he's survived a life of excess, and why he's going back on tour next year aged 70





Radio New Zealand - The Mixtape: DLT and MC B-Ware of Upper Hutt Posse
Wellington hip-hop pioneers Upper Hutt Posse have just been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Members Darryl Thomson aka, DLT and Bennett Pomana, aka MC B-Ware, joined us to reminisce and select songs for the RNZ Music Mixtape.





Pollstar - Q's With: Michael Franti & Sara Agah Franti Doing It For The Love
Married couple Michael Franti and Sara Agah Franti have been doing what many might term 'God's work'. This with their aptly named philanthropic organization Do It For The Love, which gives people with life threatening illnesses tickets to a live show ...





Nashville Scene - Jack White on Vinyl, Nashville and 10 Years of Third Man Records
Jack White is sitting amid stacks of packages that are piled around his office inside Nashville's Third Man Records. They tend to accumulate while he's out on tour, he explains, and he's only recently returned from a string of European dates.





DOPE Magazine - Michael Franti: The singer-songwriter's new documentary Stay Human
The singer-songwriter expands into filmmaking with his documentary Stay Human





Indie Mixtape - Interview with Fuse ODG





Creative Loafing - Before St. Petersburg concerts at Jannus Live Michael Franti talks superpowers, breaking down and more





Billboard - Michael Franti on Midterm Elections: 'I'm Voting Because... I'm Worried'





Jambands - Finding 'Home' with John Butler





Music Feeds - John Butler Talks "Surprising" Beyonce, Rihanna & Kendrick Influence & Why Writing The Trio's New Album Was Like "A F*cking Therapy Session"





Consequence of Sound - Tony Iommi to Hit Studio to Work on New Solo Album





MERRY JANE - George Clinton Talks New Music, Funky Fashion, and His Lifelong Love for Cannabis





The List - Tony Iommi: 'It's unbelievable when you look back, from being told you're never going to play again to inventing a new sort of music'



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