Any collection of matter in the universe
constitutes its own existential bubble (J.T.)


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More than 20 years experience in automotive and aviation
with focus on:

  • Application Development
  • Knowledge-based Systems
  • Product Data Management and Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Business-Process-Analysis in ERP-Systems
  • Knowledge- and Project Management
  • Error-detection and Quality Management
  • Databases-Design
  • Geo-Information-Systems
  • Teamwork

  • Computer Languages:
    .Net(VB), .Net(C#), .Net(ASP), WTF, Blazor Webassembly, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Python, CSS, Java, VBA, PL/SQL, Tcl/Tk, XML, Cgi/Perl, AML

    Oracle, MS-Sql, MySql, SQLite, MS-Access

    Execution- and Development-Tools:
    Visual Studio, VS Code, Eclipse, PSIpenta, Crystal Reports, Oracle-/ MS-SQL-/ MySQL-DBMS-Tools, MS-Office, MS-Access, PSPad, Notepad++, Audacity, Apache, IIS, Visio, Adobe Acrobat, Paint Shop Pro, Macromedia Flash, Tcl/TK, Easy Case

    Operating systems:
    Primarily all Windows derivate. Also knowledge in Unix and Mac


    Dipl. (~ MSc) Geology
    IT Developer / Consultant

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