Any collection of matter in the universe
constitutes its own existential bubble (J.T.)


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Music I like: Tack>>Head, Little Axe & ON-U SOUND SYSTEM (Doug Wimbish, Skip McDonald, Keith LeBlanc & Adrian Sherwood), Dub FX, The Sunpilots, Ashton Lane, Balkan Beat Box, Michael Franti and Spearhead (The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy), Funkadelic - Parliament & The P-Funk Allstars (feat. George Clinton), Boogie Down Productions & KRS-One, Bill Laswell, Karsh Kale, The Mars Volta, Prince, Bootsy Collins, N-Factor, Defunkt, Thievery Corporation ...

More Music I like (alphabetic order): Alter Bridge, Cherine Anderson, Asa, Asian Dub Foundation, Beck, Chris Berry & Panjea, Black Sabbath, Blue King Brown, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, John Butler Trio, Caravan Palace, Comandante Latino, Common, Crowded House, DAM, Electrofunkadelica, Eurythmics, Fishbone, Fundamental, Fury In The Slaughterhouse, Peter Gabriel, Genesis (feat. Peter. Gabriel), Gentleman, Gotan Project, Gotcha, Happy Mondays, Jazzsteppa, Joe Jackson, Grace Jones, Jungle Brothers, Chaka Khan, KMFDM, Led Zeppelin, Limp Bizkit, Living Colour, Loonaloop, Lyrics Born, Macaco, Magnífico, Matisyahu, Nickodemus, Nova Lima, Ozzy Osbourne, Pink Turtle, PTheory, Midival Punditz, Queen, RADIO-Active, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Reg Project, Rise Against, Seeed, Nicky Skopelitis, Slash, Spliff, Solillaquists Of Sound, Sublime, Talking Heads, The Bahamas Soul Club, The Band Of Brotherz, The Raconteurs, Watcha Clan, Wax Poetic ...

Movies: Billie Elliot - I will dance, The full monty, 2012, Dejavu, As good as it gets, Dance of the Vampires, Long live Ned Devine, The big blue, Hairspray, Star Trek, Star Trek - Into the darkness, Star Trek - The Voyage Home (the one with the whales), Star Trek - First Contact, Alien 1-4, Spiderman, Lord of the rings, Hobbit, Harry Potter ...

Series: StarTrek - TNG, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, Stargate ...

Writers: Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Stanislaw Lem, George R. R . Martin, J.R. Tolkien, John Irving, J.P. Satre, Barbara Wood

Actors: Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis, Jodie Foster, Samuel L. Jackson, Patrick Stewart, Sigourney Weaver, Harrison Ford, Bratt Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter, Johny Depp, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gary Grant, James Stewart, Holly Hunter, ...

See also: https://www.jtrumpfheller.com (Personal homepage)


Hey folks,
my name is Joerg.
I live in Berlin -
the most exciting city of Germany.


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