Any collection of matter in the universe
constitutes its own existential bubble (J.T.)


Posted: 2013-09-03 22:10:13


  • Michael Franti and Spearhead for their longtime daily musical inspiration
  • Catherine Enny from Guerrilla Management for their support and doing
  • Andrew Enoch, Carla Swanson and Adnan Sharif for contact and the possibility to admin, design the message board for this long time
  • Versace for live sound mixes worldwide and city tours
  • Matt Ziegler (TheSparkle) for inspiration and introduction to tons of live music and outtakes in audio and video form - TheSparkle at LoveIsDaShit.com
  • Juiceman for his hospitality and to be a part of the Belgium spearhead community
  • Earle Edwards (GunderP) for his wonderful pics and stories of the shows he was
  • Bodhi and Trendski for wonderful surprizing moments and informations
  • Jurg -the man behind ADF discography website for contact, special infos and wonderful nights in Berlin
  • Johan Huygelen and John Hegs Bear to be the spirits at powertothepeaceful.tk :-)
  • Jacob Stinson (Taperguy27) for the DVDs from the Fillmore shows 26&27 Nov. 2004
  • Chhavi Sachdev who gives me the chance to write something about "My Band"
  • Melody and Alison for their motivation and longesttime 'StayHuman MessageBoard' supporters
  • THANKS especially for Tiina, Jesse and Sisko - my family for the inspiration in life - accepting my leisure time with the music, the sites & platforms

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