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Taken from Genesis Publications (Jun 26, 2024)

Def Leppard Release New Single With Tom Morello

by Genesis Publications


This week comes with exciting news for Genesis subscribers as two of our authors, Def Leppard and Tom Morello, team up for the new single 'Just Like 73.'

The new video for the song features computer-generated younger versions of the band members and a parachuting Morello as they travel to Earl's Court in London and perform for a crowd of adoring fans. With hints at a new album on the horizon, Def Leppard has also stated that they're excited to perform the song during the upcoming tour with Journey next month.

'I had a blast rocking a solo on 'Just Like 73.' I played 'Rock of Ages' in my college cover band almost 40 years ago and here Def Leppard are still killing it in stadiums with a brand new tune that's one of their best.' - Tom Morello

If you'd like to learn more about what both of these artists were doing in 1973, we encourage you to learn more about their Genesis titles. To secure your copy of Definitely: The Official Story of Def Leppard, visit DefLeppardBook.com. To order your signed limited edition of Whatever It Takes by Tom Morello, visit TomMorelloBook.com.

Watch the full video below:




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