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Taken from Substream Magazine (Mar 07, 2024)

Intervals announce new album + share "neurogenesis" feat KOAN Sound

by Logan White

Intervals. Courtesy Image
Intervals. Courtesy Image

Innovate instrumental metal band Intervals have announced that they will be releasing their new album, memory palace, on May 17th.

In celebration of the news, Intervals have released a new track "neurogenesis," which features acclaimed genre-blending electronic duo KOAN Sound - as well as the accompanying official music video.

Regarding the big news day today, Intervals mastermind and ring leader Aaron Marshall shared the following note:

"I'm very excited to finally share more new music with everyone, and to officially announce the release of "memory palace". We've all been really happy with the reception to the first single ("mnemonic") that came out last year, so it feels good to let people in on the sound a little more, and to tell everyone about this new record!

In regards to "neurogenesis", this is a tune that was meant to happen for some time now. After the release of 'Circadian', I had actually been in touch with the KOAN Sound guys about potentially having them remix something from the record, which didn't come to fruition with everyone getting busy again after some unintended time away from the road, but we did stay in touch about future collaborations down the line, and I'm so hyped we made this happen. Drum and bass has always had a strong influence on me, and while I've alluded to, or borrowed from the style in subtle ways over time, delving further into the sound has been something I'm naturally drawn to. Collaborating with Jim & Will on this song was such a joy, and something I'm super proud of. I feel like we achieved this really unique blend of their sound, while still keeping the core of the Intervals live band at the center, which makes for this really fresh hybrid of synthesized elements, and real world performance, which precisely meets the mark of what I think we set out to achieve.

Visually, I tapped into the mind of my good friend Sam Beck who went over and above to bring the core elements of the "memory palace" album art (by Mihailo Kalabic) to life in such a gripping, high energy video companion to the tune. Definitely head over to YouTube and take a look, if you haven't yet!

aaaand we're kicking off a co-headline tour with our friends in Hail The Sun + support from Body Thief & Makari this Friday! We'll be on the road across the US + Toronto & Montreal until about mid April (dates and tickets at www.intrvls.com) We've got a wild set dialed in for this one, featuring both the two singles out now, another new tune that isn't out (just yet), and some previous material we've never played live before. We've also got a full spread of new merch, and you can come learn more about the new record (which is available now for pre-order online) at the table! These shows are going to be really fun and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone out there!"

Watch the music music video for "neurogenesis" below.

North American fans also have their chance to see the band hit the stage with Hail The Sun, Body Thief and Makari beginning tomorrow (Friday, March 8th) starting in Indianapolis, IN, and again in May with Mammoth WVH (ticket information here).




01. neurogenesis (feat. KOAN Sound)
02. mnemonic
03. galaxy brain (feat. J3PO)
04. nootropic
05. side quest (feat. Evan Marien)
06. circuit bender
07. lacuna (feat. OBLVYN)
08. chronophobia




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