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Taken from That Eric Alper (Mar 07, 2024)

Toronto's MoZaic Leads Stirring Social Commentary in New 'Undeniable' EP

by That Eric Alper Team

MoZaic. Courtesy Image
MoZaic. Courtesy Image

MoZaic's 3-track Undeniable EP packs stirring social commentary while holding the listener close. The EP is led by her "Love Undeniable" single, which playfully challenges social norms around sex and gender. The track includes upbeat instrumentals and polished backup vocals that offer an appealing listener experience. Audiences will be both startled, and comforted.

Born in Tkaronto (aka Toronto) to interracial parents, MoZaic is a gifted wordsmith who has long studied intersections of sex, race and gender. "I wanted to write a song about empowered sexuality and gender expansiveness," she writes. "The world invites queer, trans and nonbinary people to feel like there's something wrong with who they are. And all people end up losing, because these are such narrow notions of who we're all allowed to be. We can collectively move beyond these systems".

MoZaic collaborated with quite a few talented individuals on this track, including Lisa Patterson on production and engineering, vocalist Joni Nehrita for gorgeous backup vocals, and Zainab Batool on the single cover.

She wrote this track some years ago, and with a different hook. During the height of the pandemic, she came back to it, evolved it, and reached out to producer Lisa Patterson. MoZaic shares "Lisa is this generous, multi-talented wizard who fully met me in the vision for this track, and together we made it exceptional."

Influenced by key power players in the industry such as spirited rapper Azealia Banks, pioneer Michael Franti, and the late Sinead O'Connor, MoZaic blends her colourful raps with sensual melodies for Love Undeniable. This liberating track boasts exciting sounds for the listener from retro synth bass, piano arrangements, drum programming, and keys. The song's infectious energy highlights her motivation to bring people together.

"This is also a song for young queer and nonbinary folk who may be looking for upbeat music that affirms their experience," MoZaic says. "Love Undeniable" invites us to consider a future where people everywhere can have the freedom to authentically express who they are.

MoZaic extends appreciation to the Black musicians who represent the foundation and future of rap and hip hop.

Her music allows her to speak on various topics that many artists don't address. It's time for the world to listen.




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