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The Cat Empire, critica de "Where The Angels Fall" (2023)

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Where The Angels Fall coverart
The Cat Empire - Where The Angels Fall coverart

A horn section worthy of Calle 54, Afro-Latin percussion, danceable hits to the Miami Sound Machine and the voice of Felix Riebl are some of the ingredients found in songs like "Thunder rumbles", "Owl" o "Dance the night away"songs all of them taken from "Where The Angels Fall". The ninth album by the Australians The Cat Empire he recovers the illusion of his beginnings and adds all the baggage of an extensive career; including new musicians, nationalities and sounds that make this work something even more expansive.

An eclectic album in which there is room for the colorful pop of Peter Gabriel or Crystal Fighters in tracks like "Boom boom" o "Drift away", which could well sound like in a summer beer ad. Or something more jazzy attitude on songs like "West sun" and Jamaican half-times ("Walls", "Drift away"). Bombastic choirs and a handful of talented multi-instrumentalists are some of the elements that ensure the formula for the success of songs like "Rock'n'roll".

In this Australo-Latin amalgam it is easy to recognize the traces of some renewed The Cat Empirewho again have the producer Andy Baldwin, responsible for their self-titled debut in 2003. "Where The Angels Fall" Is a celebration; a juxtaposition of genres, styles and musicians resonating in what we could call 'feel good music', because you would have to live in the bowels of the Earth not to succumb to the euphoric pulsations of The Cat Empireif only for a little while.




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