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Taken from Happy Mag (Sep 01, 2023)

DJS Band take us on a cosmic journey with 'As You and I....'

DJS Band's latest release, titled 'As You and I ...,' a homage to the classic-rock genre with a unique emphasis on textural elements.

by Maya Aston-Louis

djs band
djs band

DJS Band's latest release 'As You and I ...' is a hypnotic homage to the traditional classic-rock form "with some extra attention to textural elements", leaving their listeners riding the cosmic wave.

Surprisingly, 'As You and I ...' emerged as a creative product of the pandemic, a time when physical distance separated band members. Some members of the group didn't even have the opportunity to meet in person during the production of this track. However, this physical separation seemed to fuel their creative energies, resulting in a haunting and immersive musical experience for their audience.

djs band artwork
djs band artwork

The genesis of this single can be traced back to a previous song, 'Falling Away,' from which DJS Band drew inspiration. They cleverly incorporated some of its lyrics to create a seamless transition between the two songs, ultimately crafting 'As You and I ...' as somewhat of a prequel to its predecessor.

Drawing influence from the rock music of the 70s, the track resonates with the vibes of iconic artists like Bob Dylan, who has been a significant source of inspiration for DJS Band. This influence is notably apparent in the mesmeric and beautifully raspy vocals and the intimate acoustic guitar accompaniment.

What truly sets 'As You and I ...' apart is its sculptural sonic structure, a concept driven by the band's visionary leader, David Jeffery Scoggins. He describes his approach as "painting with sound," a philosophy that has elevated this song beyond mere musical composition. It has transformed into a multi-dimensional sensory experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional music.

'As You and I ...' is more than just a song; it's a sonic odyssey through time and emotion, a tribute to rock's golden era with a contemporary twist, and a testament to the boundless creativity that can emerge even in times of physical separation and adversity. With DJS Band's masterful blend of classic and modern elements, listeners are in for a captivating and immersive musical journey that resonates deeply with the soul.




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