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Taken from Rock Celebrities (Sep 02, 2023)

Queen's Brian May Warns About The 'Evil Side' Of AI

by Bihter Sevinc

Brian May. Courtesy Image
Brian May. Courtesy Image

Brian May recently sat down with Guitar Player for their October 2023 issue and shared his concerns about the dark side of AI when it comes to its impact on music.

When asked about the use of AI in the music industry and if he experienced it in his scientific endeavors, the guitarist replied:

"It is, and my major concern with it now is in the artistic area. I think by this time next year, the landscape will be completely different. We won't know which way is up. We won't know what's been created by AI and what's been created by humans."

Further discussing his worries about AI, he continued:

"Everything is going to get very blurred and very confusing, and I think we might look back on 2023 as the last year when humans really dominated the music scene. I really think it could be that serious, and that doesn't fill me with joy. It makes me feel apprehensive, and I'm preparing to feel sad about this."

The Queen icon also reflected on how AI could affect other areas besides music, as he explained:

"I think a lot of great stuff will come from AI because it is going to increase the powers of humans to solve problems. But the potential for AI to cause evil is, obviously, incredibly huge - not just in music, 'cause nobody dies in music, but people can die if AI gets involved in politics and world domination for various nations. I think the whole thing is massively scary. It's much more far-reaching than anybody realized - well, certainly than I realized."

AI in music is a topic that has many musicians sharing their thoughts, and May is not the only one who expresses his concerns. Joe Bonamassa also opened up about the risks of AI in June, saying:

"It's a personal integrity issue for me. There are great songwriters in every generation, and they all have a certain personality, but AI is going to get really dicey. You're going to see singer-songwriters who-and it's not their fault if they decide to-check their integrity at the door."

Ed Sheeran and Paul McCartney were also among the many artists who shared what they thought about the potential impacts of AI on music in their previous interviews.




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