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Michael Franti - Love Kamikaze: The Lost Sex Singles (AUS) - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2005-05-12 19:29:52

(Love Kamikaze: The Lost Sex Singles - 2005)

Due to the fact that this record is only an Australian release I ordered it Wed Apr 20, 2005. I got my Love Kamikaze package 3 weeks later and I love it from the first moment. The first sequences of the song Love Kamikaze sounds like a mixture of Matt Bianco (Half a minute) and Phil Carmen (On my way to LA). Love me unique sounds like one song of CSH (Keep me lifted/Food for the masses). What happens next is my favorite. I know this song for some years but I can't remember where I heard it first. There is a live video with that song (Spearhead 2-16-2003, Miner's Foundry, Nevada City, CA). There are some Stay Human remixes (Stay Human, Every single soul) - well, the original relaeses I like more and one outtake (I wish that I could be you) - also one of my favorites. Keepin' it natural and Come and mess with me might be good lyrics but too much violines in my opinion. From the new songs Spearhead was playing live the last months I only know One Minute's All I Need (Big Bass Mix). Conclusion: Most of the songs I like. So my motto is: "It's worth not only to get it in Perth. Don't understand why it is only accessable in AUS. Love Kamikaze should be for the whole world."


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