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Go working @ Berlin - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2004-12-06 09:36:10

Chaka Khan - 1995-11-09
Berlin Traenenpalast

One and only gig I saw with the best female voice I ever heard. She is still that good as she was in the 80ths.


Spearhead @ Loft/Metropol - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2004-12-07 19:45:24

(Chocolate SupaHighway - 1997)

This record is in my opinion not one of the Best. The words are strong and there are some good songs, but the whole record sounds like mixed at the computer e.g. the drum - so there was no real atmosphere like Home.

And I got the same feeling at the concert. Maybe I felt somekind of predjudice but Michael was not that friendly man I would get to know him some years later. At the end of the concert Michael introduced Spearhead. All members of Spearhead except the drummer got nice words from Michael. He excused himself for the badest drummer they ever had. And this made me angry when I left the concert-hall.


As the years go by @ Berlin - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2004-12-07 21:23:24

Bootsy Collins - 1998-06-11
(Bernie Worrell & Fred Wesley)


My child was born - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2004-12-07 21:32:40

For the first time in my life I became a father of a wonderful son.


Michael Franti & Spearhead @ Pfefferberg - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2004-12-07 21:39:16

(Stay Human - 2001)

It was a pure chance that I did not miss this concert. because some days before, I saw a small poster of the "Stay Human"- Tour of Michael Franti & Spearhead at a container for glas-recycling. One day before the gig I bought the Record. I didn't know the location Pfefferberg before but it gave me from the first momemt warm athmoshere. The gig started with "Oh my God" and "Stay Human" and the audience was a part of the show. For the first time in my exSpearience I felt that there is something special. After the last song I saw that Michael was with the audience so I did the same. Outside the hall I talked for 1/2 hour with Pappa Pretty.
The next weeks this gig was always in my mind and I get to know the great community at the Spearhead-Messageboard.



Second child was born - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2004-12-10 06:45:13

My little and wonderful daughter could not wait until 24th of Dec. She was born at home - no chance to go to the hospital.


Sad day - Jesberg(DE)




Posted: 2004-12-10 06:49:33

It is my birthday and my GrandMa died two hours before I could say Goodbye (RIP).


Michael Franti & Spearhead @ Paradiso - Amsterdam(NED)




Posted: 2004-12-10 07:23:10

(Poster at Paradiso)

The door was opened at 7:30 pm and so many people wanted to come in. I had a wonderful place on the right side two steps about the crowd and 10m from the stage. I didn't leave this place the whole show. The show started at 9:15 pm and they stopped playing at 0:45 am, so it was 3 1/2 hours wonderful music - so much power so much love. I was dancing the whole time and feeling great, singing all the songs I know - so at the end I had no voice anymore. I got tears in my eyes when Michael told about his father's death and they played "Never too late". After the last song Michael was with the audience, hugging and talking with all the people who wanted and they were many - also me. So this concert was my absolute most emotional exSpearience - I don't know if there could be any intensificaton.
Thank you Michael, thank you Spearhead, thank you Amsterdam.

You can watch and listen to it at fabchannel.com



On mission - My special weekend trip to The Netherlands - NED


2003-06-27 - 2003-07-01


Posted: 2004-12-10 07:56:10

(Everyone Deserves Music - 2003)

Almost two years of waiting for a new record or tour I started to read the messageboard more intensive. And I can't believe it: New record, EU-Promo tour also in Berlin and I passed this. I was looking the tourdates, no show in Germany, only GB, France, Belgium and Holland. There was only one wish: "Yes I will". So I got a good idea. I have friends around Amsterdam, so lets make a long weekend trip to Holland. I ordered the ticket via Internet, three days later I got it by letter, everything would be okay. Some days later I read at the messageboard that the paradiso gig is already sold out. Wow, I didn't know that the Netherlands are so crazy to see Spearhead. On 26th May I bought the new record EDM, first impression - not that good like "Stay Human" - but the next times of listening the record I know that it is one of the best, not comparable with the others. I had the ticket and I had the new record. So I was ready for Holland.



Michael Franti & Spearhead @ Kesselhaus - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2004-12-13 22:10:34

(EDM-Germany-Tour Poster)

Today was a home run for me. I told a lot of my friends to come with so I was not alone there. Although my wife was ill she was coming with us. Waiting outside for the doors being openend Michael was coming outside another entrance (Gaga). The doors opened at 8:15 pm but there were not that much people I knew from the Paradiso-gig. Kesselhaus of Kulturbrauerei is a small venue for maybe 800 people. I think 500-600 people could be there, so it was enough place to dance. Spearhead entered the stage at 9:15 pm and started with "Crazy crazy crazy". The first 30 min we were staying in the right back at some higher stairs to watch around and making photos from the back. But the photos were not looking good and the sound was bad there. I told my wife I will take some photos in front of the stage - and well I was staying there for the rest of the show. When I reached the front of the stage the sound was much more better and the people were much more enthusiastic. I took a lot of pictures and was singing - shouting - dancing all the time, so at the end there was the same result I had at Paradiso. No voice anymore. "Never too late" was the last song at 0:30 am and it took maybe half an hour until Michael could leave the location because so many people wanted to hug and talk with him. It was a awesome event because Spearhead has shown us something beautiful.



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