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Taken from Byron Bay Bluesfest (Apr 24, 2012)


by Byron Bay Bluesfest

Michael Franti

Michael Franti"I play at festivals all over the world and Bluesfest is one of the most amazing on the planet!"

"What makes it great are the world class acts, family friendly atmosphere and the fact that the site and infrastructure of the festival are run with a spirit of grace and efficiency that means that everyone in attendance from the fans, to the bands, to the volunteers all go away with a smile on their face with anticipation of next years event.

I sincerely hope that everyone in the community recognizes the gift that they bring the world each year through supporting, blues, jazz, indigenous, traditional roots and pop music from around the globe. Many acts depend on the opportunity they have to play the festival in order to keep their music and art alive. The festival and it's newly planned "one day events" are truly something that not only Byron Shire, but the entire nation of Australia can be proud of preserving for generations to come."

"So sign on to preserve music in Byron Shire!"

Videomessage by Michael Franti

Ben Harper

Michael Franti"The internationally renowned Byron Bay Blues Festival is in a class by itself."

"Unlike any other festival any place else in the world it cultivates new and undiscovered talent seamlessly along side the most important musical artists of our times.

It is a destination festival beloved by all who attend, fans and artists alike. The Byron Bay Blues Festival represents Byron Shire, and Australia with a prominence and a significant cultural importance that would be severely compromised if forced into this unnecessary regression."

This kind of thing is not supposed to happen in Australia, other places perhaps but not there. You have something so special, please do not diminish it in this way."

John Butler

Michael Franti"I am writing to express my concern over the proposed Byron Shire Council Music Event policy which sees to limit two concerts or festivals a year to the area."

"Obviously Bluesfest and Splendour are the first to come to mind and if they were both within the Byron residential precinct , like they both used to be, I might appreciate the validity of this policy, however with the Bluesfest site now being out of this area, I do not see the problem for more shows to occur at this site.

The new site has relieved traffic and a myriad of other problems within the Byron Shire and it's infrastructure.

I also see these cultural events bringing the obvious benefit of artistic diversity and inspiration to the people of the Northern Rivers region and extra revenue to the local businesses with the Byron area."


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