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Taken from Grateful Web (29 September, 2011)

Life is Good Festival

by stites

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Michael Franti

When I used to see Michael Franti, he was angry. He played in small dark bars all over the country and the state of things pissed him off. The Iraq war, the republican government, the control that those in power tried to exert over him all cam through in the blunt messages of his songs. Like Marvin Gaye, his songs drew most heavily on two topics: war and sex. But today, Michael Franti is happy. You can still hear disappointment in the state of things in some of his music, but almost exclusively, he is sickeningly positive. At least, the Michael Franti that is overplayed on the radio is sickeningly positive. The live version of the artist still has that edge that I remember from the days before Corona bought his songs for their commercials. Still, it is clear that he has found happiness and that is what his main intent is today: to share the happiness he has and help create more in all who see and hear him. Perhaps the same disappointment from all of those years ago is still within him, but he has taken to remedying it in a different way.




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