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Taken from Sacramento Press (Juni 14, 2011)

Michael Franti mixed it up at MIX Downtown

by Marc McLaughlin

Michael Franti
Images by: Marc McLaughlin

Michael Franti, the San Francisco singer-guitarist, made a brief appearance today at the MIX Dowtown. The show, which was put-on by Now 100.5, highlighted the reggae style music that Franti is currently known for. Although Franti is probably better known by most for his rocker ways in the Beatnigs and an indispensable rapper in the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, his reggae style has generated a lot of attention – especially with his dance hit ‘Say Hey (I Love You).’

Michael Franti

Like most of the Now 100.5 Playings, the set consisted of four songs and a question answer session with the lucky guests of the show. The first song was ‘The Sound of Sunshine’ followed by ‘Hey Hey Hey,’ ‘I’ll be Waiting,’ and then ‘Say Hey (I Love You).’

Michael Franti

Franti is a low-key yet energetic performer who enjoys interacting with his fans. When he picks-up his guitar and starts a song the audience is immediately embraced. Like most reggae music, the beat is mellow yet addictive and seems to create a party type of atmosphere – today was no exception.

Michael Franti




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