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Taken from Indybay (Sep 13, 2010)

Peace power to the prudish?

bans nudes?

by George Davis nakity@yahoogroups.com

Power to the Peaceful FestivalOn September 11, 2010, Lloyd and George Davis, candidate for San Francisco Supervisor District Six, went to the Power to the Peaceful concert/festival at Speedway Meadows in Golden Gate Park . The entry by donation event is subsidized by Michael Franti and other musicians to promote world peace. About 50,000 people eventually show up to the event.

Maybe it was auspicious that the event date was 9/11, the same date that was used by the U.S. government to engage in a couple of foreign wars and take away the rights of American citizens. Anyways, George Davis was asked by the promoter to leave the event, because some small “parents” lobby disapproved of the nudity.

There were San Francisco Police Department issues, but in the end, they arbitrated the situation neutrally. In the morning, the SFPD threatened Lloyd and George with unsustainable citations for nudity. From experience, George and Lloyd recognized a crowd that was 98% either in favor of festival nudism or doesn’t have a personal problem with it. George and Lloyd resumed their nudism. They played catch with a Frisbee and posed for photos with fairgoers, mostly women. Eventually, George just wanted to dance. At a dance area, George was surrounded and detained by eight police. George pointed out to the SFPD that nudism has historically been present at the event. In fact, a few years earlier, George had received an email reply that there was no nudity policy at Power to the Peaceful and welcoming him to enjoy the event. This was the third time that he had attended the event nude.

In the end, the SFPD and George agreed to abide by the decision of the promoter.

George was disappointed that the promoter caved-in to such a small intolerant minority, especially at a peace event. Once again, George Davis reminds people that he offers $1000 for an intelligent 500 word essay: “What harm would befall a child who sees a nude adult?” In three years, no one has written this essay. Does that mean that this essay cannot be written? If $1000 is not enough money, does someone want to add to it to get this essay written?

The bullet points of the George Davis District Six campaign are:

1. Freedom of Expression

2. Freedom from Censorship

3. Free Dental, Hearing, and
Vision Care for Seniors

4. George Davis, your 1st choice for your 2nd choice vote on the ballot. (SF has ranked choice voting.)

How can there be world peace without recognition of points #1 and #2? How can there be a world peace movement dominated and censored by an intolerant minority? Don’t nude people make an event more fun and less corporate? In San Francisco , nudism is welcome at St. Stupid’s Day Parade, Gay Pride Parade and Festival, Pink Saturday Party, Bay-to-Breakers, Love Parade (LoveFest, LovEvolution),... Halloween, Folsom Street Fair, World Naked Ride and many other events.

Is Power to the Peaceful a contemporary event or a Victorian relic?

Finally, if there is a relationship between peace and freedom, isn’t body acceptance and harmony the ultimate freedom and route to peace?

-- George Davis


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