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A genuine environmentalist: May Boeve led the nationwide "Step It Up" campaign which urged Congress to enact laws to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% by the year 2050. May spoke first, to more than 200 people.

48 Straight's "Green Your Scene" series on a local approach to reducing our impact on climate change brought forth brilliant and often young professionals focusing on showing us how we can clean up the mess we humans have made of our home planet.

The grand finale Thursday was no exception, presenting May Boeve, director of the nationwide "Step It Up" campaign which insists Congress step up action to adopt a mandate reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the year 2050. Mariel Hemingway, a local writer, actress and bearer of her grandfather's legacy was second up with her ideas of internalizing peace and stillness enough to allow us to bring our full attention and power to bear on the problems we've created for our home. And pop megastar Michael Franti sat with GYS moderator Aimee Christensen to explain how his childhood and adolescent years gave him a feeling of solidarity with those who struggle to survive, leading him to private homes in Baghdad and efforts to make his concert tours carbon-neutral.

We present the each speaker in the order in which they appeared at the Presbyterian Church of the Big Wood in northwest Ketchum, including a five-song set which Franti gave following his chat with Christensen.

We begin with the church's elegant sanctuary as it began filling up, 48 Straight co-founder Kipp Nelson's opening remarks, Aimee Christensen's introduction of May Boeve and Boeve's evidence of a nation willing to act to limit the affects of climate change.

Ms. Christensen then took the stage to welcome Mariel Hemingway.

When Hemingway concluded her remarks, a short break followed before Christensen introduced Michael Franti for a 17-minute interview.

Continuing with his answer to Christensen's question on supporting any political candidate, world-traveled Franti noted Americans are known for our business acumen and inventiveness, but also for less admirable qualities as well.

Franti then took the stage for a five-song set with guitarist Jay Bowman, presented here in full.

You can see Michael Franti and Spearhead –his regular band- from 8:10 to 10:10 at the Base Camp Music Experience tent on East Avenue in Ketchum. Tickets for that and the rest of Saturday's entertainment are available in the Sun Valley Village.

And don't forget – Tomorrow and Sunday bring more 48 Straight / Jeep King of the Mountain events – the skier cross finals 1:00 to 2:45 on Dollar Mountain and the following day, Sunday, the halfpipe finals run from noon to 1:00 p.m. at Warm Springs. The One Hit finals are from 3:00 to 3:30 with the awards for both following at 4:00 in Warm Springs.

Beginning at 4:00 also is the 48 Straight Fashion Show at the Warm Springs Lodge.


Read Forum-Interview


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