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  Taken from Stay Human Message Board (Sep 19, 2006)

******* Story and pics from trendski ********

Woohoo!!! My 3rd PTTP and I can't wait for the next one. Catebug drove up from S.D. to L.A. joining my friend Dex and I on this road trip. We left around midnight, slept a couple of hours at a rest stop, and arrived at the park just when the yoga session was ending. We were kinda bummed cuz the sun was blocked by the clouds all day and it was cold in the morning. We met up with Steve, Val and friends doing yoga. Setup our spot, and another myspace spearit Kim (who came all the way from Florida) joined us. The first band Sila and the Afrobeat were terrific and got everyone dancing immediately, followed by Los Mocosos for some Latin-Funk...New Monsoon performed an awesome version of "Inner City Blues", and of course, Gift of Gab & the Blackalicious crew got people start moving towards the front and bobbin' heads. I scored a VIP pass from Guerrilla Mgmt (thanks to Jill!) and grubbed on some food backstage... hehehehe.

Spearhead played for about an hour and a half, but a very energetic performance as always... I made my way towards the very front center and joined a few more familiar faces.... Steve, Cathy, Sue, Amber, Marlene, Amie.. a sax player even stood beside me with the crowd while he played along with the band. There were a couple of guests on stage, including Anthony the 'flowerman' who's there handing out flowers every year, guitarist from Steve Winwood band, and Radioactive. My favorite was seeing Dave's son holding up a "Yell Fire!" sign, and Mike's little one Ade' dancing.. hahahahaha!

You can listen to entire Blackalicious and Spearhead performance here (right click, save target as to download mp3):

[size=18:7c69563ef4]SPEARHEAD SETLIST:[/size:7c69563ef4]
time to go home
yell fire!
getup standup / sweet little lies medley
hello bonjour
hey now now (ft. RadioActive)
one step closer
yes i will
light up ya lighter
i know i'm not alone
what i be
please take me home
bomb the world
everyone deserves music
everybody ona move

We had to check-in into our hostel (the Elements in Mission) prior to the After-party event... we were lucky enough to have a private room just for the 3 of us, sweet! We then had dinner at the Revolution Cafe, drank me a glass of Chimay on tap, and took a taxi to the club.. our taxi driver was pretty groovy and even put on some Moby... hehehe... The Mezzanine is a chill spot... saw Steve and Herbboy hanging out upstairs, then I went down dancing with Cate as the dj was bumpin' some cool hip-hop (Tribe, Pharcyde, De La Soul...). Spearhead played another awesome set! Mike pulled a girl on stage to dance with, and I didn't know she was Rhonda Nicole (another spearit from the message boards) until she introduced herself to me afterwards... you danced great girl! Carla (Mike's girlfriend) joined us at the front to watch her man do his thang.... it was cute to see her jumping along with us, and she was tryin' so hard to get Mike's attention waving her arms... alas, Mike caught my attention and I pointed at Carla to let him know she was partyin with us... I don't think they had a playlist that night as they was jammin'.. I heard them play "What I've Seen" for the first time, and I like the new version of "See you in the light".... another awesome exSpearience!

[size=15:7c69563ef4][b:7c69563ef4][color=black:7c69563ef4]Click on the links below to watch After-party performance videos (live @ the Mezzanine):[/color:7c69563ef4][/b:7c69563ef4][/size:7c69563ef4]
What I've Seen
See You in the Light
Yell Fire!
Please Take Me Home

Catebug and I

Blackalicious set

Dave and Son

After-party at the Mezzanine

Rhonda Nicole


I like mah BASS loudy!

******* Story and pics from herbboy ********
-from Herbboy
Had an amzing weekend!! Met Joey, Del, and Steve for a minute at the festival and also saw Amber (i am pretty sure that is her name..she was at Grass Valley with Steve and Del) at the merch booth. We got there to see all the performers on the main stage. We set up shop not all that far from the stage and just kinda stayed there and hung out throughout the afternoon. Los Mocosos are a great Latin band that I have seen before and highly reccomend their cds. New Monsoon is always fun to see and definitly played some jammin cuts. Blackalicious was dope as always. Spearhead was on point for sure. Mostly songs from the new cd and a few from EDM and one or 2 others to fill in the set.

After the festival, we headed back to the spot we stayed and then met a friend for dinner and then headed to the after party. Saw Steve and some other girls right as we arrived. Little did we know that Spearhead would not go on untill 11:30...we were about 2 hours early!! And no ins and outs so we were stuck!!! Went upstairs and chilled in the coolest room in the club for a while and then headed down to get a good spot right up front of the stage. The after party set was similar to the day time set with a few differences. I got some good pics and 2 videos while there. All and all..another great year at PTTP!! This is my 5th year attending and it is the highlight of my year!!

I am headed up to Oregon to catch 3 shows in 4 days in October and I can't wait!!

Here are some links to the videos that i have...enjoy!!

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aQ4j-K_sx8]What I've Seen - Video[/url]

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=od4Hze5peSE]Everybody Ona Move Pt. 1-Video[/url]
I had to cut and shrink this one because it was too big...so the sound and quality suffers a little..i will try to add the other half soon

[url=http://www.kodakgallery.com/ShareLandingSignin.jsp?Uc=u03jwhw.9ct00tek&Uy=nyh662&Upost_signin=Slideshow.jsp%3Fmode%3Dfromshare&Ux=0]MY Pics from PTTP After Party 2006[/url]

Some are better than others...

******* Story from mocean ********

Yeah PTTP was great this year, but ya know what sucks? The people that come early and tarp off sections of grass. I was trying to get close to the stage and people were blocking the way because there were too many people with blankets and tarps taking up all the space, and the people without tarps had to crowd in the spaces between. I saw one guy with a huge tarp and he had like 20 sqare feet all to himself, people all crowded around the edges. Please be considerate of other people's right to space. Just because you have a tarp doesn't mean you own the grass beneath it.
Don't be a hog.

******* Story from dreadsexy ********
it was great seeing everyone at the show as usual...and thanks so much for your super kind words Cath...
its funny cause Carl okd me to do the whole stage thing.. hitting me with the base would definitely not feel great hehe...
That stage is super small so its not the best place to do it but I talked to the guys after the show and said my apologies and they were ok with it...
Its always a chance where and when to do it so sometimes I make sure its alright.. The gang is usually cool with it but sometimes im sure they could do without it... :D

[url=http://aud1.kpfa.org:80//data/20060909-Sat1300.mp3]Download the whole PTTP 2006 gig here[/url]

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