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  Read the whole [color=orange:e681952dd4][u:e681952dd4]Review of the Radio Onda D'Urta Festival gig[/u:e681952dd4][/color:e681952dd4]
Here are some pics from that awesome day - taken with my old slow digi-cam:

[size=9:e681952dd4]Versace playing keyboard during stage preparation[/size:e681952dd4]
Smily Versace
[size=9:e681952dd4]Michael and Catherine joking at the trailer[/size:e681952dd4]
Michael and Catherine
[size=9:e681952dd4]Michael singing "Time to go Home"[/size:e681952dd4]
Michael on stage
[size=9:e681952dd4]Dave and Manas in the light[/size:e681952dd4]
Dave and Manas in the light
[size=9:e681952dd4]From behind[/size:e681952dd4]

[size=9:e681952dd4]Hey there people in the middle[/size:e681952dd4]

[size=9:e681952dd4]From the right - Spearhead under the flashlight sun[/size:e681952dd4]

[size=9:e681952dd4]The Brescia setlist from Versace[/size:e681952dd4]
Setlist from the sound mixer
[size=9:e681952dd4]Picture - taken from Andrea[/size:e681952dd4]

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