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Taken from Ghost Cult Magazine (Mar 26, 2024)

EXCLUSIVE SINGLE PREMIERE: Lower Automation Shares a New Single "Life Insurance" - New EP Coming Soon

by News Team

Lower Automation. Band photo by @bertoshootsphotos
Lower Automation. Band photo by @bertoshootsphotos

Chicago Math Rock / Nosiecore / Industrial band Lower Automation will drop a new EP Welcome to My Deathbed, May 20th, 2024 via Zegema Beach Records! The band has teamed up with Ghost Cult to stream their new single "Life Insurance" - all about the heinous American insurance industry. It's a complex, and hostile song full of angular riffs, cool dynamics, and crazy drumming. Jam it out now!

Cover Art: @svpernavta
Welcome to My Deathbed Cover Art: @svpernavta

The band comments:
"Life Insurance was influenced by the chokehold that the insurance industry has people in the USA in."

The band comments about their upcoming EP:
'We have always been influenced by Industrial and Goth music, and wanted to show that a bit more on this EP. We decided to lean into it and experiment writing a few songs in that realm. These five songs were our favorite of the bunch, and there's a ton of 80s influence in them. Lots of reverb, drum machine samples, and synths in every song.




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