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Taken from Cashbox Canada (Aug 25, 2023)

New Release From The James Clark Institute - "A Kinder You"

by Cashbox Canada

A Kinder You coverart
A Kinder You coverart

James Clark has an immense powerpop palate and often uses the colours in his poetic imagery. "A Kinder You", the first single from the forthcoming "Under The Lampshade" album is a perfect illustration of that. Check it out on YouTube here:

According to James "Songs or albums will always evoke certain moods. 'A Kinder You' deals with this subject. When my heart is broken I can easily listen to Joni Mitchell's 'Blue' or 'Kind Of Blue ' by Miles Davis for the day or week. I like to wallow in my misery before the anger sets in. Then I'll reach for Dylan's 'Positively 4th Street',

Following the success of his last album "The Colour Of Happy" the new album will continue in the same direction as his fans hope.

"Under The Lampshade is the foolproof follow-up to 2021's 'The Colour Of Happy'. Moe Berg (The Pursuit Of Happiness) is back in the producer's chair. The record largely has the same amount of happy, hooky melodies disguising bittersweet and impassioned lyrics. But there is also a progression in the JCI sound as we used a string quartet on two songs." says James.

Listen on Spotify here:

Weaned on The Beatles, Kinks. Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson, James is purveyor of pure pop for now people (thanks Nick Lowe) and has played such legendary venues as The Cavern Club in Liverpool and the El Mocambo in Toronto.

The Toronto based artist can't wait to tour the new album later this year with his band The James Clarke Institute.

James Clark -vocals, guitar
Tom Gibson - lead guitars.
Tim Gall - bass guitar.
Greg Condie - keys.
Dean Glover - drums, harmonies.





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