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Taken from Louisville Public Media (Jun 15, 2023)

listen hear! Song of the Day: Michael Franti & Spearhead spread 'Big Big Love'

WFPK's listen hear! Song of the Day spotlights a song we like weekdays at 11:10.

by John Timmons

Michael Franti / Boo Boo Wax / Thirty Tigers
Michael Franti / Boo Boo Wax / Thirty Tigers

As longtime fans, it's always great to get new music from Michael Franti and Spearhead. They have shared the uplifting new single, "Big Big Love."

Franti explains its message: "Big big love represents being able to hold space for the micro and the macro of love. Everyone has someone they love, whether it's their child, spouse, pet or friend. But then there's holding space to love people of difference - people who are in the midst of war, people where there is pain and suffering. You show up as love, determination and spirit in those places where people really need a caring soul connection to help them heal. That's what big big love is: holding space for the personal and the worldly."




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