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Taken from HipHopDX (Jun 10, 2023)

KRS-One's Mind Gets Blown By Fan's Mathematical Freestyle

by Bernadette Giacomazzo

Johnny Nunez/WireImage
Johnny Nunez/WireImage

KRS-One has lived many lifetimes in the Hip Hop game, but even the Teacha wasn't prepared for a dedicated fan's special treat.

In a fan-captured video posted on Twitter on Wednesday (June 7), the freestyling fan can be seen getting recruited by KRS-One to spit his rhymes for the legend's critique.

"Here's a little something you can ponder in your mind," he began. "Something that has never been explored along these lines. Paint a mental picture of the guns you can find. And I'll show you why we're so fascinated with the Nine."

And the freestyle continued for another three minutes, getting more intense with each second, until the crowd exploded in cheers and KRS-One couldn't help but smile in excitement.

As one of the pioneers of the genre, KRS-One's lyrical flow has been credited with being the father of the "conscious rap" style made popular in the mainstream by the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Common, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli.

Conscious rappers are often credited with the use of "Supreme Mathematics" - first introduced by the Nation of Islam - alongside the "Supreme Alphabet," both of which give qualitative and quantitative (as opposed to simply quantitative) values to letters and numbers.

That's why it was no surprise when Mr. Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone launched an in-person series and website to celebrate Hip Hop's 50th birthday back in April.

The Boogie Down Productions rapper recently launched Birthplaceofhiphop.nyc, a website and event series featuring several community-based programs, including a Hip Hop masterclass curated and hosted by the Bronx lyricist and historian.

All events will take place at the Community Center at 1520 Sedgwick Ave starting on August 11. Known as "the birthplace of Hip Hop," the address played a significant role in Hip Hop's early history as it was home to DJ Kool Herc's Back To School Jam in August 1973.

There will also be pop-up exhibits to showcase and celebrate the genre's origins, according to a recent press release.

"The 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop is a global movement that speaks to the grit, voice, and power of how it came to be in the first place - we used our voices when they tried to silence us. We used our creativity when they tried to stifle us," KRS-One said in a statement.

He added: "We created the culture because we wanted to stand out and stand up for our artistry. Hip Hop is the people's movement. I am excited to showcase this to the world in the space where it all began at 1520 Sedgwick in the Community Center. It feels right to be here, where it all began."

In addition to the in-person series, there will be a visual art competition. The winning design must include Hip Hop elements "necessary to both celebrate the 50th Anniversary while inspiring future generations to continue to grow."




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