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Expert Timing Search for Recognition in Video for "New Queen"

The Orlando quartet's sophomore record Stargazing is out now via Count Your Lucky Stars.

by Gareth O'Malley

Photo: Courtesy of the band
Photo: Courtesy of the band

Last September, Florida quartet Expert Timing-who describe themselves as "bubblegrunge power pop"-released their second album, Stargazing, which built on the sound they'd established on their 2018 debut Glare and was the step up they'd been eager to make for a while. One of the highlights on Stargazing was "New Queen," a song in which vocalist and bassist Katrina Snyder searches for her place at the top. Well, they made a video for the song that takes its central conceit literally-it's a very fun exploration-themed clip.

Per Snyder, it was a fun shoot that didn't quite go as planned. "Making this video was truly a DIY effort," she shares. "We filmed it almost entirely in one room of our house and then also at a local park-which ended up being more complicated, since we were hit by two hurricanes during the course of filming. I really wanted to put clear visuals to the conversations within the song, and try to incorporate the idea of different women throughout history all searching for the same recognition. I learned a lot throughout the creative process, and it was definitely a challenging project, but I hope it's as entertaining to watch as it was to make-and, of course, make sure to watch closely for a cameo of our dog Pixel."

Stargazing is out now via Count Your Lucky Stars. If you're in Orlando, Expert Timing play Will's Pub on June 18, sharing the bill with Dikembe, Glazed, and Camp Trash.




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