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Taken from Sonic Perspectives (Jun 02, 2023)

KILL THE LIGHTS (Featuring Former BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE Members) Share Music Video For New Single 'Broken Bones'

by Editorial Team

KILL THE LIGHTS. Courtesy Image
KILL THE LIGHTS. Courtesy Image

KILL THE LIGHTS, the band featuring ex-BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE bassist Jason "Jay" James and drummer Michael "Moose" Thomas, along with former members of THROW THE FIGHT, THREAT SIGNAL and STILL REMAINS, has released a new single, "Broken Bones". Watch the music video below.

Galloping guitar solos and soaring vocals collide on "Broken Bones". The song's pulsing riffs, racing solos, and unforgettable melodies make for one helluva fist-pumping anthem that will incite mosh-pits the world over. The band perfectly executes a classic-yet-modern metal sound.

"'Broken Bones' tells the story of someone who is in the depths of loss, heartbreak, and tragedy," KILL THE LIGHTS states. "Frozen with fear, they are forced to watch their life play out like a bad movie. Only hope keeps them from drowning in their own struggle with mental health. Every breath a struggle, each day a battle. On hands and knees, they fight just to get through the day."

KILL THE LIGHTS released its debut album, "The Sinner", in 2020 on Fearless Records. The band and record were lauded for "statement songs" (Distorted Sound) and for being "broad in scope and technically accomplished in its execution" according to our own review of the album by Samantha Buckman.

KILL THE LIGHTS is also now managed by The Oracle Management, a family-run management team founded by DEVILDRIVER and COAL CHAMBER frontman Dez Fafara and his wife Anahstasia Fafara.

"We are very excited to work with Dez and the team over at Oracle Management," KILL THE LIGHTS exclaims. "Having such an artist-friendly management team with decades of experience and success is a perfect fit for KILL THE LIGHTS. From day one, we have been inspired by Dez and Anahstasia's energy, passion, and hustle to ensure KILL THE LIGHTS reaches its full potential. Oracle Management is the missing piece we have been searching for to take us to the next level. We can't wait to hit the road and share our new record with the world."

James Clark (ex-THROW THE FIGHT) / Vocals
Jordan Whelan (STILL REMAINS) / Guitar
Michael "Moose" Thomas (ex-BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE) / Drums
Jason "Jay" James (ex-BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE) / Bass
Travis Montgomery (ex-THREAT SIGNAL) / Guitar




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