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Taken from World Music Central (May 27, 2023)

Groundation and Brain Damage Collaborate for a Reinvented Reggae Experience on "Dreaming From An Iron Gate"

by World Music Central News Department

Dreaming From An Iron Gate coverart
Groundation and Brain Damage - Dreaming From An Iron Gate coverart

Reggae band Groundation has released a new album titled "Groundation Meets Brain Damage - Dreaming From An Iron Gate" to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their influential album "Hebron Gate." The album is a collaboration between Groundation and the French producer and dub artist, Brain Damage. Groundation founder Harrison Stafford entrusted Brain Damage with the original tapes of "Hebron Gate" and asked him to remix and rework the nine tracks. The result is a reinvention of the original album, maintaining its spirit while incorporating new elements.

"Groundation Meets Brain Damage - Dreaming From An Iron Gate" is not a mere dub album, but a reimagining of "Hebron Gate" that remains accessible and consistent. Brain Damage meticulously dissects the original tracks, extracting and isolating each note before embarking on a journey of recomposition, harmony changes, and the integration of new elements. The album showcases a different energy, more psychedelic and introspective, yet exciting for both longtime fans and newcomers. It is a true reinvention of a contemporary reggae masterpiece, highly recommended for Groundation fans, reggae and dub enthusiasts, and curious music lovers.

The project's first single, "Deaf Ears," offers a taste of the album. It transforms the original one-chord groove into a series of chordal movements, breathing new life into the track "Weeping Pirates." The song exemplifies the album's sonic journey, with its brilliant use of fading group ensembles, added reverbs, delays, and effects that lead to an epic conclusion.

The entire album is designed to be experienced as a cohesive piece of music, much like the original "Hebron Gate." It is meant to be listened to in one sitting to fully appreciate its effects. Harrison emphasizes that Brain Damage's meticulous rearrangement of the soundscapes creates a standalone body of work.

Groundation is currently on a European tour to support the 20th anniversary of "Hebron Gate." The band is thrilled with the energetic and positive response from the crowds, as the power and inspiration of the music continue to resonate after 20 years.

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