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THE DEAD KRAZUKIES - release new single "Captain Crust"

French melodic skate-core band THE DEAD KRAZUKIES will release new single 'Captain Crust' on May 12th, the French band show new nuances in their music with a heavy mid-tempo song.

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The Dead Krazukies
The Dead Krazukies. Courtesy Image

A rousing choir, mid-tempo, almost hard rock beats are not exactly typical for the melodic skate punk band THE DEAD KRAZUKIES. Still, "Captain Crust" is as heavy as it gets and such a powerful melodic track that will leave any listener stunned by the wide spectrum of the band's sound. In addition, the scratchy and yet extremely powerful voice of singer Maider makes THE DEAD KRAZUKIES a kind of punk rock power metal.

Captain Crust will be released digitally on May 12th, with a video to follow a few days later!

Think Pennywise, Rise Against and a bit of Anti-Flag and you have The Dead Krazukies! Since 2010, the band from Hossegor has produced a concentrate of catchy, melodic punk, raw energy and 90's surf and skate culture.

In 2016 their first self-produced album "The Northern Belle" was a huge success and established the group directly in the European skatepunk scene. After numerous shows and festivals, in 2019 they opened the Punk in Drublic Festival with the legendary Bad Religion and NOFX on the French date of the event.

In November 2020, during the pandemic, the band released "Icarus" via SoundSpeed Records (US), SBAM Records (Europe) and Punk&Disorderly (Canada). The album became a hit and sold out quickly. Fueled by troubled times, the frustration of not touring and the musical path Icarus has already blazed, The Dead Krazukies return with a brand new opus of angry melodies, From the Underworld, out June 16, 2023 via SBAM Records and Kicking Records is released.

Mixed by Christian Carvin and mastered by Jason Livermore at the Blasting Room, the 10 songs oscillate between so-cal punk rock and old school metal without fear of exploring new territories.

Surprising and daring at the same time, From The Underworld will not leave you indifferent. The Dead Krazukies plan to defend this album on stage and take on anything that gets in their way.

About Matt Speer's new album From The Underworld:

The punk rock of The Dead Krazukies is powerful, passionate and fearless - from heavy punk rock to energetic and infectious skate punk.

They are the guns of French melodic punk. They don't hold back and don't shy away from the power of their music, which goes hand in hand with their witty, straight to the point lyrics. This has always been the way of The Dead Krazukies, but now, in 2023, they're wrapped even tighter and fighting even harder, ready for what's to come, From The Underworld.

In the few years that have passed since Icarus (2020), the band's power of persuasion has more than doubled. From The Underworld builds on the skate punk foundation and unleashes the power that Icarus and The Northern Belle only hinted at.

The Dead Krazukies on From The Underworld may be the same five-limbed beast as before, but their temperament is now an even larger cocktail of primal yet intelligently delivered anger.

The Fallen and The Ferryman" is a hybrid of edgy power, grim choruses and symbiotic melodies that are in constant contrast to each other and set the listener in the mood for what's to come. The Dead Krazukies masterfully orchestrate their genre shifts with carefree confidence on their latest offering. Be it the groovy bounce of 'Captain Crust' and 'Darth Walnut' or the 1:23 thrust of skate punk in 'The Mindfucker', to the playful dub of 'Make Babylon Great Again'. There's no discussion here, you're unable to move until this album is done with you. Moving on, "The Wanderer" tickles Metallic Hardcore out of its sleeve before "Silent March" realizes such a dream before flowing back into the melodic abilities of The Dead Krazukies that are so powerful and natural.

Everything that has given this band their presence in the European punk scene has led to this moment and they stand ready and waiting to unleash this new phase via SBAM and Kicking Records.




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