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Taken from LouderSound (Nov 11, 2022)

eMolecule share their very first video for ten-minute self-titled debut single

Former Sound Of Contact pair Simon Collins and Kelly Nordstrom will release eMolecule's debut album in February

by Jerry Ewing

(Image credit: Nick Elliot)
(Image credit: Nick Elliot)

eMolecule, the band featuring former Sound Of Contact members Simon Collins and Kelly Nordstrom, have released their first new music. You can watch a video for their self-titled new single below.

The pair have also announced, as Prog reported last week, that they have signed to InsideOut Music and will release their debut album The Architect on February 10.

"During the creative process of making this record, I discovered an even deeper part of my creative self I never knew existed," says Collins. "This album is the sign of a creative force both Kelly and I have come to discover. For the first time throughout working together for 18 years, we are perfectly aligned. Working with Kelly on this project has produced some of the most meaningful music I've created, and I believe represents some of my life's best work to date."

"Simon and I have been working together for almost 20 years," adds Nordtrom. "The personal connection between Simon and I is exemplified by the quality of songwriting on this album. The music on our first offering as a duo is the best I have ever been a part of. As a guitarist, the inspiration behind this album is unparalleled. As a songwriter, this is the best opportunity I have ever had to explore the meaning of life."

You can view the new album artwork and tracklisting below.

Pre-order The Architect.

(Image credit: InsideOut Music)
eMolecule: The Architect coverart. (Image credit: InsideOut Music)

eMolecule: The Architect
01. eMolecule
02. The Architect
03. Prison Planet
04. Mastermind
05. Dosed
06. The Turn
07. Awaken
08. Beyond Belief
09. The Universal
10. My You
11. Moment of Truth




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