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Taken from The Josh Kornbluth Show (Feb 13, 2006)

Michael Franti

Musician Michael Franti is known for writing songs with socially progressive lyrics paired with a mixture of hip-hop, funk and reggae melodies. Over the years he and his band Spearhead have gained an international following - playing sold-out concerts from Alaska to Australia. Two years ago this peace loving musician embarked on the most lifechanging trip of his career - a journey to the war-torn Middle East. His experiences on that trip are now the subject of a fascinating documentary entitled “I Know I’m Not Alone”. Franti shares his most vivid memories of the trip and performs a brand new song for Josh. And Josh wanders to Berkeley to jam with the legendary “Fatdog” - owner of Subway Guitars, where Franti had one of his first jobs before making it big.


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