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Taken from Live4ever Media (Jun 23, 2022)

Other Lives' Jesse Tabish unveils debut solo record Cowboy Ballads Part 1

Jesse Tabish has set it for release on October 21st.

by Dave Smith (Live4ever)

Jesse Tabish by Christal Angelique
Jesse Tabish by Christal Angelique

Other Lives frontman Jesse Tabish has unveiled the details of his debut solo record Cowboy Ballads Part 1.

"I've always had an affinity for old Westerns," he says. "The album isn't necessarily 'western' sounding; it's more that, if I name something immediately, it sticks for me, so the album title stayed Cowboy Ballads."

First single is Castro, about a friend who felt able to come out to Jesse, but not to the wider world.

"I tend to gravitate to gloomier melodies, so I was excited to have a really up, positive song in Castro," continues. "Not that we're post-Covid, but something warm and kind, with a little bit of hope. An, 'imagine when this shit is over,' kind of song."

Cowboy Ballads Part 1 tracklist:

Cowboy Ballad
Da Da
Italia Nite I
Bells and Whistles
Dread Harp Blues
New Love
Keep You Right
Price In Full
Halloween Day
Mystic I
Rituals II




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