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Taken from BraveWords (Jun 20, 2022)

AWAKE AT LAST Release New Song "Living Fiction" (Lyric Video)

by BraveWords

Awake At Last. Courtesy Image
Awake At Last. Courtesy Image

Awake At Last have released their new song, "Living Fiction" to all digital outlets. The track is available here, and you can watch a lyric video below.

Produced by Kile Odell with post production by Skold (former Marilyn Manson, KMFDM, etc), the hard-hitting track contains plenty of angst at the current state of the world.

"Technology plays a significant role in all of our lives, 'Living Fiction' asks the question of whether or not it plays too much of a starring role in our lives. It's about the data we share, and how as a whole we've become more and more addicted to it. When we were writing I noticed how much I had come to rely on technology and social media to have a window to everything when the world had kinda shut down. Technology boomed and I just started noticing patterns and how much they'd become a rhythmic part of my life," says the band's vocalist, Vincent Torres.

He adds, "I think we captured that energy in the song and it was an absolute pleasure to work with Tim Skold, who went in and added to that rhythm his signature more industrial elements that have made him Iconic. With that blend of energies I think it came out feeling like we are sort of absorbed in the technology rhythm. It's been amazing getting back to things and seeing how our amazing fan base continues to support and rock with us. I'm Optimistic about the future and it is so good to get back into shows and releases."

Living Fiction cover art
Living Fiction cover art

Watch the "Living Fiction" video below:

Awake At Last previously released the single, "Bloodline". Produced by Erik Ron (Godsmack, Black Veil Brides, I Prevail), the hard-hitting track contains plenty of angst at the current state of the world.

"'Bloodline' is written from a perspective of frustration, and a reluctance to accept the current state we all live in. The song questions the media, and how during such a dark time people seemed to be more divided than ever, rather than come together. It asks the question of whether or not we can learn from history, or if we are doomed to repeat it. I wanted it to connect to the listeners who couldn't help but worry about what is going to happen next and whether or not we can rely on the current state of media and information to be prepared for it." - vocalist Vincent Torres

Bloodline cover art
Bloodline cover art

Watch the "Bloodline" video below:


Vincent Torres - vox
Eric Blackway - lead guitar
Imran Xhelili - guitar
Drew Hansen - bass
Jeff Dorber - drums




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