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Taken from OUTInPerth (Mar 24, 2022)

Justin Stewart Cotta shares new song focusing on connection

by admin

Justin Stewart Cotta. Courtesy Image
Justin Stewart Cotta. Courtesy Image

Musician Justin Stewart Cotta has a new tune. Little Things focuses on themes of love and forgiveness.

Cotta has previously been the front man of Australian hard rock band Memento and the guitarist and keyboardist for US alternative rock VAST, but as a solo artist he's bringing out music that is distinctly different.

In a statement he shared shat his new song Little Things is about.

"As we fragment more and more into isolationism and individualism, it feels as though the final frontier is quite possibly organic human connection. Love and hope feel as though they are open acts of rebellion. In Little Things I'm doubling down on a promise I made to myself... to stop being an apologist for my vulnerability." Cotta said.

Little Things was recorded in 2021 at Hercules Street Studios. The studio was previously known as Albert Studios and many classic records by Australian bands like AC/DC and Easybeats were recorded there.

The track was produced & mixed by Ryan Miller with most of the instruments and vocals performed by Justin Stewart Cotta. Grant Gerathy of John Butler Trio played drums on the song.

The tune's stunning video was shot by documentary maker Damon Gameau. It shows a variety of different couples being intimate, falling out and making up. It includes several same-sex couples too.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Cotta shared that all the subjects in the video are real life couples.

"Damon was immediately engaged by the intimacy of the lyrics, and rather than the video becoming an ego project for either of us, he pushed for organic and soulful storytelling. It meant the world for me to have Damon at the helm for the video, as we've been best mates for 25 years."

Take a look at the video.

Learn more about Justin Stewart Cotta's work at his website and check out all the places you can find his music online.

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