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Taken from Ambrosia For Heads (Mar 17, 2022)

KRS-One Gives A Tutorial On Old School Dances In His New Video

by Bandini

KRS-One. Video snapshot
KRS-One. Video snapshot

LL Cool J famously told opponents that they couldn't dance on the second song from his classic debut album. Nearly 40 years later, one of LL's peers, KRS-One keeps that idea and poses it as a question. Blastmasta's 24th album, I M A M C R U 1 2, includes "Can You Dance," a song produced by Connecticut's Sun-One.

This month, that self-released track received a video treatment. One of Hip-Hop's most energetic live performers considered the concert space in a song that presents a history lesson of the culture's dance moves.

Everybody Knows Jadakiss Is an Elite MC. But Did You Know He Can Windmill? (Video)

It opens with a tribute to his late homie Biz Markie and the B-I-Z's famous move. Kris also big-ups Shock G and The Humpty Dance in the lyrics. Like Biz, Shock is a multi-threat legend who passed away during 2021, nearly 25 years after The Teacha guested on Digital Underground's Who Got The Gravy? Then, the Boogie Down Productions co-founder moves into a classic with no artist affiliation: the wop.

Another Hip-Hop O.G., Doug E. Fresh, joins the video to do the famous dance named in his honor. The "World's Greatest Entertainer" demonstrates his move. KRS then encourages Heads to freestyle and lists other dances that have been made popular by Hip-Hop.

Stezo Used Funk & Fly Dance Moves To Take Rap Music To A New Place (Video)

The video features KRS-One demonstrating the moves with a team of dancers behind him. With green-screen effects, the dance troop keeps it rugged and raw in industrial spaces and cramped parties.

#BonusBeat: New music from KRS-One is currently on the official AFH playlist, as well as new songs by Snoop Dogg, Nas, Brother Ali, Gift Of Gab, and others:


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