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Taken from BrooklynVegan (May 27, 2021)

Foxing announce new LP 'Draw Down The Moon', share "Where The Lightning Strikes Twice"

by Andrew Sacher

Foxing: Draw Down The Moon Cover
Foxing: Draw Down The Moon Cover

Pre-order our exclusive orange/purple/green swirl vinyl variant of Foxing's anticipated new album here.

Foxing recently released two very good, very different songs -- the sprawling, proggy "Speak With The Dead" and the bouncy, glitchy synthpop of "Go Down Together" -- and now they've finally announced their highly anticipated fourth album. It's called Draw Down The Moon, and it arrives August 6 via the band's own label, Grand Paradise (in partnership with Hopeless Records). The band's own Eric Hudson produced the record, John Congleton mixed it, and members of Manchester Orchestra contributed to the production process as well.

"It sounds chaotic but it was actually really good," frontman Conor Murphy said of working with Manchester Orchestra. "They completely changed some of the songs and it was not what we were planning to do. It reworked a lot of the structures, and monumentally changed my feelings on those songs." Andy Hull also spoke about the process in our recent interview with him.

"I'd been working on [Foxing's] record with them since February or March of last year. We were in the last four months of finishing our record, while they were starting up the first four months of their experience," Andy said. "So it was awesome to be a part of that record from the very beginning demos that they sent, and just working with them as closely as they would want me to, and going through all the concepts and lyrics for that record. It was a blast. And then they came down here in the middle of the summer -- they all got tested -- and they just camped out at our studio for two weeks. They were supposed to stay for a week, and we were like 'man just stay here, this is so great,' and we just worked these long hours and kept moving the record along. And they ended up crushing it, I'm really proud of that record."

"We were all sorta writing about the same things in totally different ways," Andy added, speaking about the parallels of Foxing's new album and Manchester Orchestra's own new album The Million Masks of God. "They do feel connected to me, me and Conor kind of talked about that. Kind of unknowingly, we were making these sibling albums together."

Along with the announcement of Draw Down The Moon comes third single "Where The Lightning Strikes Twice," which kind of navigates the middle ground between the two previous singles, with the indie pop vibes of "Go Down Together" and the proggy soloing of "Speak With The Dead." It's yet another great song, and it continues to suggest that the sounds on this LP are truly limitless.

We're also thrilled to be partnering with the band on an awesome-looking exclusive orange/purple/green swirl vinyl variant, limited to just 200 copies. Pre-order yours from the BV store while they last. They look like this:

Foxing: Draw Down The Moon Vinyl-Set
Foxing: Draw Down The Moon Vinyl-Set

Listen to all three singles and check out the full tracklist below...

01. 737
02. Go Down Together
03. Beacons
04. Draw Down The Moon
05. Where the Lightning Strikes Twice
06. Bialystok
07. At Least We Found the Floor
08. Cold Blooded
09. If I Believed in Love
10. Speak With The Dead ft. WHY?




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