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Taken from L4LM (Jan 29, 2021)

Bootsy Collins Releases Kaleidoscopic "Lips Turn Blue" Music Video [Watch]

by Andrew O'Brien

Screengrab via Bootsy Collins 'Lips Turn Blue' music video
Screengrab via Bootsy Collins "Lips Turn Blue" music video

Famed funk bassist Bootsy Collins has released a new, green screen-assisted video for "Lips Turn Blue" featuring Emmaline, a track off his collaboration-heavy 2020 album, The Power of the One.

The new visuals for the sexually-charged kiss-off track match the song's '90s R&B vibes. Kaleidoscopic projections frame the featured vocalists with colorful, pop-art designs while characteristically cartoonish glitz and glamour adorn the ever-charismatic Collins. With Bootsy's nomadic bassline creating color from the low end, this smooth but spirited dialogue between a lover scorned and a funky alien who knows she'll be back is accented with a peculiar but funky glaze.

The "Lips Turn Blue" music video, directed by Oscar Arce with FX provided by Noel Lawrence and editing by Izak Arce, follows a recent string of creative music videos from The Power of the One. Other recent Bootsy Collins music video releases have included "Creepin" (ft. Christone "Kingfish" Ingram) and "Jam On" (ft. Snoop Dogg and Brandon "Taz" Niederauer).

Watch the new video for "Lips Turn Blue" by Bootsy Collins ft. Emmaline below:




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