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Taken from The Times of Israel (Oct 02, 2018)

Balkan Beat Box and Giraffes offer joint song and show

2 beloved Israeli bands release new track and news of October 19 performance

by Jessica Steinberg

Balkan Beat Box


Fans will be pleased about a first-time collaboration between Israeli rock bands Balkan Beat Box and The Giraffes, who today released a new song, "There Was No Landing on the Moon," and news of an upcoming show on October 19 at the Shuni amphitheater in Binyamina.

It's a one-time, creative cooperative effort between the two bands after years spent on different tracks, the two groups announced in a statement. They decided to join together for a new song that talks about what was, or what, perhaps, never existed at all.

The song's lyrics point to the experience of doubting the most basic tenets of one's life:

There's a moment when all of a sudden, in a total surprise, you doubt In all the most basic elements of your life, and then, the land Slipping under your feet. On the one hand, it's terrifying to float in total ignorance about everything. When you thought of your world, on the other hand, it's exciting, There's a situation that's going to be a new world.

The October 19 show, in which The Giraffes are hosting Balkan Beat Box, will combine hits from The Giraffes' five albums and their new joint song with Balkan Beat Box.

The Giraffes, who have been making music since 1992, are known for songs conveying messages of politics and protest.

Lead singer Gilad Kahana and Yair Kass started the band, which blends alternative and folk rock, when they met while serving in the army in 1992.

Since then, Kahana has veered between the band and his solo career. He's also written music for other Israeli singers, including Yoni Bloch, David Broza, Eviatar Banai, Hadag Nahash and Arkadi Duchin.

Balkan Beat Box was founded in Brooklyn by Tamir Muskat and Ori Kaplan when they were teenagers. They created their own sound, fusing Mediterranean and Balkan sounds, with hip-hop and dance hall beats, utilizing Kaplan's experience as a klezmer clarinetist and Muskat's as a drummer.

Balkan Beat Box now includes Tomer Yosef as lead singer, and still fuses traditional music with hip hop to make its base of traditional sounds more relevant for its young fans.


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