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Taken from Live4LiveMusic (Aug 30, 2018)

John Butler Trio Releases "Wade In The Water" Music Video Off Upcoming Studio Album, 'HOME'

by Ming Lee Newcomb

Photo: Andrew Rios

On September 28th, John Butler Trio will release a brand-new album, HOME, via Nettwerk Records, following up 2014's Flesh & Blood. Yesterday, Relix premiered the video for the second track off the album, a tune called "Wade In The Water".

As John Butler explained to Relix about the new album,

I've been dealing with anxiety on and off for ages. I hadn't always been able to name it. It was in this fractured state that I started trying to wrangle this new mob of songs - wild horses I'd met over the last four years. Songs about family life, love, what it means to be a modern man and personal insights into dealing with my anxious projections. Songs have always been my friends. No matter what I'm going through they help me convey the things my heart feels but my brain is too afraid to say. But grappling with this herd in this state would prove uniquely tricky. As things turned out that journey would actually be critical in helping me deal with my shit. In the meantime though, I was lost and somehow I had to find my way home. There was no choice. Like that classic children's book, 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt' says; "Can't go under it. Can't go over it. Can't go around it. MUST go through it.

The critically acclaimed Australian artist also spoke to Relix about "Wade In The Water", describing it as "one of my favorite songs off of the album." Continued Butler,

It's a soul-searching proclamation and a journey back to myself. The words just kinda fell out and I didn't really know what they meant for a long time until I stood back and took a look at the song and the passage of time I'd just been through. This song celebrates my love for Led Zeppelin, Hip Hop backbeat, Indian classic music and is one of my favorite songs to play live.

You can take a listen to the newly released track, "Wade In The Water, from John Butler Trio off their forthcoming album, HOME, below.

John Butler Trio - "Wade In The Water" [Official Music Video]

[Video: John Butler Trio]

Furthermore, in support of the group's new studio effort, John Butler Trio will be touring across the United States in the fall, with the group's tour kicking on November 16th in Washington D.C.'s Warner Theatre and spanning through to mid-December, with a tour-closing performance at Oakland, California's Fox Theater. Check out a full listing of John Butler Trio's upcoming tour dates below, and head to the band's website for ticketing and more information.


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