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Taken from Daily News & Analysis (Mar 05, 2018)

The need of the hour is song-based, lyrical music: Gaurav Raina

by Deepali Singh

Gaurav Raina

One half of the Indian electrical act Midival Punditz with musician Tapan Raj, Gaurav Raina embarked on a solo journey with Grain, three years ago. “I think the solo part was inevitable because there was a lot of energy and music within me, which was away from the Indian style. With Midival Punditz, it was about bringing Western music and Indian music together. Grain is purely Western,” he explains.


The musician, who performed with his newly-formed band at SulaFest 2018 recently, seemed chuffed at the response they received on stage. “These guys are close friends and people I have been working with for the past one year and I’m very proud of the work we have accomplished. The whole point for me is to bring talented and like-minded musicians together and see what comes out of it. I think this show was one of the biggest we have played at so far, purely because the new album is not out as yet,” he says.

Revealing more about the new album, which will be out soon, Raina says that the point is to bring back melody and songwriting, and not make ‘tracks’. “The whole electronic music is going towards instrumental, dance floor songs now, which is also good, but I feel the need of the hour is song-based, lyrical music that people can fall in love with,” he says.


It’s the low shelf life of music that Raina finds quite distressing, and he’d like to see a change in that. “Music needs to talk to people and be emotional. When that happens, it becomes a part of somebody’s life,” he adds. As far as his relationship with his bandmate from Midival Punditz, Tapan, goes, Raina says that they are like brothers. “We have been together since third standard, way more than some marriages last! He is extremely supportive of me and is super proud of what I do,” he says. Any chance of Tapan doing a cameo act in one of their shows? “I’m sure that will happen. In fact, sometimes he comes on stage and we play our Midival Punditz song, Don’t Let Go,” he reveals.


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