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Taken from mxdwn (Dec 07, 2016)

Thievery Corporation Announces New Album “The Temple of I & I” for February 2017 Release

by Ashlee Burke

Photo by Raymond Flotat

Cover of “The Temple of I + I”

Thievery Corporation has released two tracks off of their upcoming album; The Temple of I & I. The tracks include “Let The Chalice Blaze” which was premiered by PROHBTD and the album track “Letter to the Editor” was premiered on KCRW. The Temple of I & I will be released on February 10, 2017 via ESL Records and Eric Hilton of Thievery corporations says of the album’s title “The Temple of I & I is a place of worship that exists only in our imagination; a place where all people are chosen people and the unity of living things is possible. So much of the world is divided into tribes and belief systems that have imprisoned people’s consciousness and allowed a few to control the many. Culture can be a blessing and a curse. Humanity transcends tribe and culture. This has been a constant theme in Thievery Corporation’s message since day one”.

The Temple of I & I is infused with the culture and rhythm of Jamaica and was recorded Geejam Studios on the Island itself. Hilton went on to say it was their stay in Port Antonio that helped them get inspired along with the high-grade ganja and bottles of Appleton rum. When speaking of the Jamaican vibe of the record Hilton says “The innovation, spirit and power of Jamaican music is a constant source of creative manna for us. On the musical map, Jamaica is an entire continent. Frankly, we could have spent a year there, soaking up the vibes in the air and the strength and resilience resonating from the people. And for us, the only way to connect with this rich source of inspiration was to work in that environment – to feel the pulse of the place.”

The Temple of I & I is not only filled with sounds of the island but vocals as well as the track “Road Blockers”, introduces Kingston-newcomer, vocalist Racquel Jones. “I met her on my first trip to Port Antonio and she played some demos at Geejam. She had actually used Thievery Corporation as her demo backing track, and it was a perfect match when I heard it. We’ve been waiting years to find a conscious, brilliant, female Jamaican singer and MC. As a model and former Miss Jamaica contestant, you’d never expect the pure lyrical fire and tough delivery could come out of her. It’s impressive,” explains Hilton.

The Temple of I & I full track list
1. Thief Rockers (feat. Zee)
2. Letter to the Editor (feat. Racquel Jones)
3. Strike the Root (feat. Notch)
4. Ghetto Matrix (feat. Mr. Lif)
5. True Sons of Zion (feat. Notch)
6. The Temple of I & I
7. Time + Space (feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani)
8. Love Has No Heart (feat. Shana Halligan)
9. Lose to Find (feat. Elin Melgarejo)
10. Let the Chalice Blaze
11. Weapons of Distraction (feat. Notch)
12. Road Block (feat. Raquel Jones)
13. Fight to Survive (feat. Mr. Lif)
14. Babylon Falling (feat. Puma)
15. Drop Your Guns (feat. Notch)


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