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Taken from NorthWest Music Scene (October 10, 2016)

Review: Thievery Corporation Celebrates 20th Anniversary at Showbox

by Sophia Barkalakis

As part of their twentieth anniversary tour, Thievery Corporation made their way back to Seattle. The collective played last year as part of the Decibel Festival at Showbox SoDo, and this time they were performing at the Market, which seemed quite small for all the fans to fit. The sold-out show on a Wednesday night brought great energy and a night to remember.

As the musicians take the stage, Rob Garza is in the back guiding the tunes while the singers take turns on the floor, projecting different vibes each time. The amazing thing is that even though the voices change, the essence of the band remains the same. We are all here to listen to our favorite songs that we can dance to, but at the same time also be completely chill.

They incorporate so many different instruments and sounds to their music, it feels like you’re taking a trip around the world with them. The setup always includes a couch that Rob Myers will sit to play the sitar (when he’s not playing the guitar), and a rug in the middle of the stage. You can go in counting on bassist Ashish Vyas to be bouncing around barefoot during the night.

The set-list included many favorites, starting with “Heaven,” “Take My Soul,” “Hari Krishna,” and ending with “Sweet Tides,” “Lebanese Blonde,” and “Richest Man.” It is always great to come out and support these artists that put so much heart and soul to this project that has been standing out for 20 years now. Here’s to another 20, Thievery!


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