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Taken from JamBase (September 05, 2002)
by J. Horn

Michael Franti Weapons of Mass Inspiration are being amassed with growing support, following the trail of Michael Franti and Spearhead as they begin their fall tour in California and head north through Oregon and Washington and across borders into Beautiful British Columbia before heading east in October. Reports of sudden and uncontrollable feelings of joy and inspiration have been verified and certified by those present in and around the vicinity of a Spearhead show. It is uncertain how and when such a powerful, efficient and potent weapon of mass inspiration was put together by the band, but what is certain is that when these elements come together -- Manas Itiene and Carl Young drum and bass booming in like a record, guitar man Dave Shul, keyboardist Kevin Choice, beatboxer Radioactive and the spirited poet Michael Franti -- the powerful Spearhead is formed with enough potential to ignite an entire city and leave a wake of joyous, empowered masses.

Reports of increased social consciousness are turning up everywhere as people are becoming empowered to seek truth over the starched, pasteurized and fully homogenized news put forth by mass media. All in the wake of a few hours of body moving, drum and bass booming rhymes and rhythms are mixed with poetical food for the masses and made fully explosive and radioactive.

Such reports prompted an investigative team to attend a gathering of Spearhead recently in Petaluma, just north of San Francisco, at the Mystic Theatre. The group was able to secure tickets to the show, but many lingered outside in hopes of finding an extra ticket to a quickly sold out performance. Crowds filed into the theater that quickly filled to capacity with eager fans. Amongst the murmur of the crowd the following was overheard: "All these people, every last one of them, in just a few minutes, are going to be jumping, singing, dancing, waving their arms high, holding hands and bouncing down on the ground - all with huge smiles on their faces." The investigative team noted, while jumping, bouncing, dancing, singing, holding hands and smiling, that everyone was doing the same. They had become part of the weapon of mass inspiration. Petaluma was shortly thereafter tested for levels of social consciousness and unity to achieve social justice - both levels of which were off the charts. Further analysis revealed high levels of a special type of RadioActive-ity as would-be beatboxers left the building making all kinds of enthused noises.

Analysis of the event and such potential future events showed that the music of Michael Franti and Spearhead is both empowering and inspiring the masses to rally behind truth and to unify and organize into a powerful voice for social justice and change. All this while bouncing, dancing and singing with smiles on their faces.

Become a part of the mass inspiration and see Spearhead when they come to your town or join them in San Francisco on September 7th where they will host the Power to the Peaceful gathering at Speedway Meadows in Golden Gate Park. Be ready to be inspired.

For more information on Spearhead and the Power to the Peaceful Gathering visit SpearheadVibrations.com.

J. Horn
JamBase | Bay Area
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[Published on 9/5/2002]




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