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Taken from HipHopDX (April 22, 2016)

KRS-One Speaks On Possible Battle With MC Shan

MC Shan Would Be Destroyed In Face-To-Face Battle, KRS-One Says

by Danielle Harling

Screen Capture From Drink Champs

According to KRS-One, a face-to-face battle with MC Shan "would be destructive."

During an interview uploaded by Vlad TV, Bronx, New York rapper KRS-One shared the reason why he believes MC Shan called him out during an interview earlier this month. The interview ultimately led to the release of back-to-back, diss tracks from the two artists.

KRS-One explained that while battling a fan at a show in Pittsburgh months ago, the amateur battler pulled out a MC Shan album. In response to seeing the Shan album, KRS says he mentioned something along the lines of having taken the rapper out already.

"He started it...Let me go back, just for the record," KRS-One said. "I was battling some other dude in Pittsburgh. Maybe three months ago...I give the young kids a run for they money, man. They gotta test somebody. The young shooters gotta know somebody. The young kids don't know my history, so don't tell 'em. Don't tell 'em. Let me spank that ass real quick. But the point is that I was battling some other dude...And I was freestyling. And I said some wack shit about LL. I apologize for that. Cause LL is up here. He's even before me. There's no disrespect there. But I was battling. And the battle is ferocious...In that, he put up Shan's album. And I said 'We took Shan out already...' Shan heard that and said 'Fuck him. He ain't ever took me out.' This that and the other."

In regards to the two never battling, KRS-One says he has always been willing, ready, and able. He later added that if the two do ever battle face-to-face, it "would be destructive" for Shan.

"He just never showed up. Dude, it's 30 years," he said. "It's 30 years. Dude, I've done festivals. I've been all up and down Queens...There's no excuse...That would be the end of his shit...That shit would be destructive. I don't know what he's asking for, but I eat off this shit. This is my shit right here."

Video of KRS-One speaking on a possible, face-to-face battle with MC Shan, can be found below.

For additional KRS-One and MC Shan coverage, watch the following DX Daily:


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