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Posted by Michael Franti ( on April 29, 2001 at 20:07:56

Thank You by Michael Franti

Tomorrow will be the first day of the week that begins our touring for the Stay Human album. It has been a very emotional time preparing the record, and working out the business of releasing independent music.

There are times when I feel connected and in step with the world and other days when i question why i follow the light i have chosen to follow. I love the life i have been blessed with, but it has been filled with the highest of soaring and the lowest of wallowing.

The new record is about many of today's issues which i feel are important.Pirate radio, the environment, healing, marijuana, and the death penalty. All of these issues are rolled into one looming question,How do we hold onto to the dignity of our spirit in a world that seems to be set on crushing it?

This is the question I ask myself everyday. The best way I have found to discover the answer, is to listen to the little bird on my shoulder which wakes me every morning and whispers a song

Are you ready to die?

Have i done everything today as if it were my last? Most days the answer is no.

I am too obsessed with other things to stop and love like I should, smell the flowers like I should, fight like i should, cry like i should, bleed like i should, and follow with complete abandon the light stretched out before me.

Some days I come close though. With this in mind I would like to say

Thank you to all of you have checked in with this web site and made it what it has become.

When we started it I had no idea it would grow into the community site it has. I thought at best it would be an info page for those who wanted to know more about the band, not a place where people bared their souls for anyone to see. Sometimes people write things on the board which i don't agree with. Sometimes they write things i am hurt by. I read it all, even when i don't feel the urge to respond or add to it, and i am very grateful to those who have responded to some of the hateful words people put up on the site. I believe the best way to fight hate speech is not censorship, but rather through more speech.

I love the poetry, the announcements, the discussion and trading of music, as well as the links to other points of interest. But mainly I appreciate the many letters of support I have received during a long and winding time between albums. They keep me alive, motivated, courageous and inspired.

To those of you who have stood by me, your faith in me brings me to tears.

Thank you, God guide, protect and bless you eternally.

One Love.

Stay Human.

Michael Franti

A.K.A. Brother Soulshine

A.K.A The Jolly Green Giant


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