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Alter Bridge + Special Guests @ Columbiahalle - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2022-11-15 23:57:42

Alter Bridge + Special Guests@Columbiahalle - 11/11/22
Alter Bridge + Special Guests@Columbiahalle - 11/11/22

Since I have been a good 3 years on no more concert (I had to skip Dub FX in the summer because of vacation), I had decided a few days before the concert to see Alter Bridge at the Columbiahalle. I got the ticket (59 €) one day before the concert. Alter Bridge was on tour with two bands (Mammoth WVH and Halestorm), which started to play relatively early in the evening (admission already at 17:30).

But I didn't go until about 19:30 and just when I came in I heard Halestorm rocking the hall (at that time I didn't know that their name was Halestorm). After I got something to drink, I went upstairs to the gallery (like I did for Frank Turner or Ben Harber) and after a short search I found a wonderful place with a direct view on the stage.



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