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Dub FX + Mr. Woodnote & CAde @ Gretchen - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2023-11-12 23:24:37

Dub FX + Mr. Woodnote & CAde @Gretchen - 11/04/23

And what should I say: Once again an absolutely great evening - a fantastic concert.

Last year I had to skip Dub FX in the summer because of vacation and this year I was so excited with the hope of no cancelation but this was not neccassary. The gig was moved from Huxleys to Gretchen but no problem et all. I invited my daughter to come with me and we had a wonderful time.

My daughter and I decited to go there pretty early so that we would find a good place to stay. So when we arrived less people were there and we found a good spot not far from the stage by a pillar where we waited for the begin. And I hoped that also Mr. Woodnote would be part of the band.

So at 8:15 pm the hall was filled pretty well by the audience and it wouldn't be long before the concert started

Five minutes later Dub FX and Mr. Woodnote came out and they started to play and from scratch we started to dance (as far as it was possible)

My daughter and I were making some photos and she also made short videos. After some songs I decided to go more near to the stage because direct before me was a man who was not participaiting with the groove which disturbed me. In front I could made better moves and the people there were more in dance mode.

The whole set Dub FX was on stage and almost all songs were accompanied by Mr Woodnote. CAde was also present at a lot of songs as a freestyle rapper - pretty good.

Highlight was when Dub FX started to walk through the audience - singing - making videos and snapshots of the audience - before he came back to the stage.

It was already short after 10 pm when he asked the audience - and he wanted 100% support by us - if they wanted to hear some more songs because he was only allowed to play until 10:30 pm and of course he got his 100%.

The encore began with his most famous song Love someone and ended with Flow as I remember right.

When it was over I once again ordered some beer for us and we were waiting to get try again. Some minutes later we went to the merchandise where I got my photo with Dub FX and I bought a T-Shirt.

We left Gretchen with a wonderful feeling - and were at home around 11:30 pm.

Some of the videos my daughter made:
    Dub FX + Mr. Woodnote & CAde@Gretchen - 11/04/23 - video1
    Dub FX + Mr. Woodnote & CAde@Gretchen - 11/04/23 - video2
    Dub FX + Mr. Woodnote & CAde@Gretchen - 11/04/23 - video3

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Fire every day
Fake paradise
So are you
Dig this
Love me or not
Step on my trip
Beaming Light
Prove me wrong

Love someone


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