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Alter Bridge + Special Guests @ Columbiahalle - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2022-11-15 23:57:42

Alter Bridge + Special Guests@Columbiahalle - 11/11/22
Alter Bridge + Special Guests@Columbiahalle - 11/11/22

Since I have been a good 3 years on no more concert (I had to skip Dub FX in the summer because of vacation), I had decided a few days before the concert to see Alter Bridge at the Columbiahalle. I got the ticket (59 €) one day before the concert. Alter Bridge was on tour with two bands (Mammoth WVH and Halestorm), which started to play relatively early in the evening (admission already at 17:30).

But I didn't go until about 19:30 and just when I came in I heard Halestorm rocking the hall (at that time I didn't know that their name was Halestorm). After I got something to drink, I went upstairs to the gallery (like I did for Frank Turner or Ben Harber) and after a short search I found a wonderful place with a direct view on the stage.

Halestorm was still rocking. Never heard of them before, but impressive were the singer + guitar as well as the drummer (as I could read up they are the namesake siblings Elizabeth "Lzzy" Hale and her brother Arejay Hale). Before Halestorm's encore, the drummer had his solo (the others left the stage) and I had seen before that he was good at juggling his sticks while playing. At the climax of his solo, he let one stick fly pretty high and far through the air, but couldn't catch the stick. Horror for the drummer and the audience. But then he pulled out a new stick from the side of a drum and played the last 30 seconds of his solo again - with the result: He couldn't / wouldn't catch the stick. He did that 1 or 2 more times until it finally worked. Enthusiasm of the audience. But then he took out giant sticks (looked like shortened billiard sticks) and hit the drums with them (similar to the video). Great show. After that Halestorm played 1 or 2 more songs before going to the 30 minute changeover break for Alter Bridge. Equipment from Halestorm was quickly put away, the curtain for Halestorm was taken down and the stage was now a bit bigger.

At 20:40 (I looked at the clock) Alter Bridge started to play with 'Silver Tongue' (according to the setlist). Already at the first song I noticed that the sound was a tad louder, so I immediately put sticks in my ears. Unfortunately, it was a tad too loud for me, so that the vocals of Myles Kennedy could be heard, but not clearly enough and the music sounded a bit mushy. But that didn't dampen my spirits. The audience was enthusiastic.

Unfortunately I know only a few songs of Alter Bridge by name. 'Isolation' and 'Slip to the Void' from "AB3". In between there were two songs in acoustic version: 'In Loving Memory' and 'Blackbird', where Myles could make the audience kneel (at least down in front of the stage). As tour debut 'Burn It Down' was announced, where guitarist Mark sang. After 'Cry of Achilles' there was a short break. After that they played two more songs and then it was already over after 1,5 hrs.

Conclusion: Much too short. They didn't play my favorite song 'I know it hurts' and the sound wasn't that great. But it was nice to be at a concert again.

Halestorm - I Miss The Misery extended version & drum solo live in Hamburg, 1.11.2022
    Halestorm - I Miss The Misery - 2022-11-11 Columbiahalle Berlin DE - video1
Alter Bridge - Pawns & Kings - live at Columbiahalle Berlin 11.11.2022
    Alter Bridge - Pawns & Kings - 2022-11-11 Columbiahalle Berlin DE - video2

Pawns & Kings Tour

Silver Tongue
Addicted to Pain
Before Tomorrow Comes
The Other Side
Broken Wings
Wouldn't You Rather
Burn It Down(tour debut; Mark on lead vocals)
Pawns & Kings
In Loving Memory(acoustic)
Rise Today
Cry of Achilles

Slip to the Void
Open Your Eyes


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