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Taken from AOL Radio (May 17, 2010)

Michael Franti & Spearhead, 'Sound of Sunshine'

New Song

by Amar Toor

Michael FrantiMichael Franti & Spearhead's 'Sound of Sunshine' -- from their upcoming new album of the same name -- may just be the ubiquitous summer anthem. The reggae, acoustic-fused song eases into it's peppy rhythm and fast-paced guitar chords that are nicely paired with Franti's hip-hop vocals. With lyrical meaning synonymous to redemption, Franti sings about "waiting for the storm to pass me by," followed by the glorious "sound of sunshine coming down."

In short, 'Sound of Sunshine' encapsulates everything summer should be -- nothing more than a time to release that pent up joy, to act upon unbridled emotion, and most importantly, to "kick off your shoes and relax your feet."

To get your summer started early with Michael Franti & Spearhead's 'Sound of Sunshine,' tune in to the Adult Rock station on AOL Radio.

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